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There are two wallet addresses, one for Noisebridge and Noisetor. Both are linked to the Noisebridge Wells Fargo checking account via Coinbase.


According to an unsigned edit to this page by, "Bitcoins are an enormously stupid Ponzi scheme that no self respecting hacker should touch with a 10 foot grounded pole."
Various miners and Ponzi schemers, such as the author of the Anti-Controversy arguments below, have become increasingly cunning in their attempts to lure new recruits for Bitcoin. This despite several publicized incidents of illegal activity and malware (henceforth rationalized away or buried) directly arising from Bitcoin usage.


  • It's not a Ponzi scheme if you can get your money converted back immediately (via:, or one of the many other payment processors or exchanges).
  • Fringe ideas are always ridiculed.
  • Bitcoins have been around for 5 years now and have had hundreds of millions invested in related startups / infrastructure.
  • The FSF, EFF and many other important institutions accept bitcoin.
  • WikiLeaks received support via bitcoin during the Visa financial blockade.
  • The USD value of 1 Bitcoin has risen to $14.33 $106.00 $236.00 $1132.26. (November 29, 2013 08:30)