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Nominate new board members here.
<a href=></a>. . .
Anyone may put forward a name for the Noisebridge Board of Directors for 2011. Please list whom you'd like to nominate, along with your name, pseudonym, or wiki signature. If you accept the nomination, please mark your assent next to your name. See [[Board_Nominations_2011]] for example.
Nominees must be in by january tenth, 2012. A bit more detail about the process
[[https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2011-December/027181.html here]]
We will hold elections at [[Meeting Notes 2012-01-31|annual general members meeting]] on january 31st 2012.
* [[User:Miloh|Miloh ]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted: [[User:Miloh|Miloh]] 12:11, 9 January 2012 (UTC)
* <strike>[[MCHawking]] -- non-humans are not eligible to stand.</strike>
* [[User:Rayc|Rayc]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted:  -- challenge accepted
* [[User:lizzard|Liz Henry]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted: -- Yes 
*** I don't believe in central authority but would act to do whatever financial/legal duties need doing. My contributions to Noisebridge tend to be in small organizational things like getting the donation money and depositing it in the bank, or cleaning and organizing, deleting spam from the wiki, and so on. If on the board I'd like to communicate back to the general population of Noisebridge whatever it is that the board is doing or discussing. Also, VOTES FOR ROBOTS!!!-- liz
* [[User:Malaclyps|Danny O'Brien]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted: ok then --[[User:Malaclyps|Malaclyps]] 03:30, 9 January 2012 (UTC)
* [[User:gnnr|Gavin]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted: - yes
* [[User:Mek|Mek]] -- nominated by Meeting, 2011-12-27
**accepted: - y
* Max Adler -- self-nominated
**accepted: self-nominated
* Tom Lowenthal -- nominated by rlh 2011-12-31
**accepted: --[[User:Flamsmark|Flamsmark]] 19:55, 9 January 2012 (UTC)
**[[user:flamsmark#Board_Pledge | My manifesto and pledge as a board member]].
* [[user:SuperQ|Ben Kochie]] -- nominated by rlh 2011-12-31
**accepted: challenge accepted
* [[User:Snail|Snail]] -- nominated by Tom
**accepted: y
* nick -- nominated by nick
**accepted: self-nominated
* Andy -- sure, whatever. [[User:Adi|Adi]] 04:53, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

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