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* Tiffany Lam [accepted]
* Tiffany Lam [accepted]
* Tyler Maran [accepted]
* Tyler Maran [accepted]
* Dany Q [accepted]
Accepted process:
Accepted process:

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This is the list of nominations for Noisebridge's 2019 Board. Nominations will remain open until 2 weeks prior to the election. Interested candidates may use this page to submit statements/platforms/descriptions of interest/etc. as public information.

  • Ruth Grace Wong [accepted]
  • David Gorczyca [accepted]
  • Kelly Albrink [accepted]
  • Tiffany Lam [accepted]
  • Tyler Maran [accepted]
  • Dany Q [accepted]

Accepted process:

  • Agree on Annual Members Meeting date of 12/10/19
  • Accept nominations on this page
  • Print and distribute ballots to members in good standing
  • Count votes at the Annual Members Meeting
  • Approval Voting system, top 5 candidates selected to the Board