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The next board meeting is scheduled for 1900h on 2014-04-02. This is our prospective agenda. The minutes will be recorded at Board/Meeting_minutes_2014-04-02.



Approval of previous meeting's minutes

Approval & recording of decisions made since last meeting

  • Naomi is chair of the board

Working groups

Rebase working group

Report from rebase working group.

Community working group

Report from community working group.

Decision process working group

Report from decision process working group.

Old business

  • How can we find a treasurer to replace Danny?
  • Are there things we want to change about the bylaws?
  • Should we switch to board members with overlapping terms?
  • How do we want to manage safety?
  • How do we want to take care of physical infrastructure maintenance?
  • What do we think the relationship should be between the board & the membership?
  • What do we think the board should & shouldn't do?
  • What is our vision for Noisebridge as a whole?
  • How can the board meet if they're not allowed in the space?

New business


  • Read minutes
  • Record action items
  • Confirm next meeting time/date