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These are the minutes of the Noisebridge board meeting held on 2014-03-12.
== Meetings & procedure ==
=== Recording of meetings ===
* Secretary to record [[:Category:Board_meeting_minutes|high-level minutes]] of board meetings.
* Secretary to post board meeting minutes on general wiki.
* Board meetings are not streamed or recorded.
* Board meetings are not open to the public.
* Someone should announce a general summary at general meetings.
=== Board meeting schedule ===
* Board meeting happen every two weeks, at 7pm on the first & third Wednesdays of the month.
* Next meeting is [[Board/Meeting_minutes_2014-04-02|2014-04-02]], 1900h.
=== Meeting agendas ===
* Secretary to maintain a [[Board/Agenda|permanent “future agenda” page]] on the NB wiki.
* Board members can add items to the agenda before or during the meeting.
* It is our general policy that older items have priority in discussion.
=== Working strategies ===
* Our general process is to pre-plan & work between board meetings, and to make decisions during the meetings.
* Working groups are a powerful tool for the inter-meeting planning. [Rack is a good example of proto-working-group.]
=== Board communication & decision-making ===
* Board to use private github issue tracker.
* Decisions can be made on the tracker: proposal contains "PROPOSAL", once proposal has board-majority support.
== General Noisebridge ==
* Madelynn is the president of Noisebridge.
== Working Groups ==
=== Rebase working group ===
* Madelynn is chair.
* Chair has sole responsibility ot invite & approve WG members.
* WG responsible for: planning a rebase, budgeting a rebase, picking a timeframe for the rebase, and proposing policies associated with the infrastructure implemented at the rebase.
=== Community working group ===
* Working group is provisional
* Tom is chair
* Chair has sole responsibility to invite & approve WG members
* WG's first reponsibility is to propose a charter of authority & responsibilities for the ongoing CWG.
=== Decison process working group ===
* Al is chair
* Chair has sole responsibility ot invite & approve WG members
* WG is responsible for proposing an improved decision-making process for Noisebridge.
== Attendence ==
* [[User:Tensory|Ari Lacenski]]
* [[User:Nthmost|Naomi Most]]
* [[User:Creativetaboo|Madelynn Martinierre]]
* [[User:AlSweigart|Al Sweigart]]
* [[User:Flamsmark|Tom Lowenthal]]

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