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The initial board and officers of Noisebridge were decided at the [[Meeting Notes 2008 06 17|Tuesday 2008-06-17]] meeting. The current board and officers are:
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== Board ==
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* Miloh Alexander
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* Ani Niow
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* Shannon Lee
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* Andy Isaacson
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* Rachel McConnell
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== Officers ==
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* Jonathan Lassoff (Executive Director)
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* Jeffrey Malone (Treasurer)
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* Seth Schoen (Secretary)
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== Meetings ==
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* initial real meeting [[board meeting 2008-09-07]]
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* yearly meeting [[board meeting 2009-10-15]]
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The initial board and officers of Noisebridge were decided at the Tuesday 2008-06-17 meeting. The current board and officers are:


  • Miloh Alexander
  • Ani Niow
  • Shannon Lee
  • Andy Isaacson
  • Rachel McConnell


  • Jonathan Lassoff (Executive Director)
  • Jeffrey Malone (Treasurer)
  • Seth Schoen (Secretary)