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This lil project is intended to encourage people to do helpful things for Noisebridge.

Do's: Members and Associate Members may install these badges on Noisebridge user-pages, to recognize people who improve the community or the space. The awarder should be logged in before adding the badge. Non-members may receive badges. Badges should be awarded for specific, identifiable activities that make Noisebridge a better space or a better positive community for EVERYONE. Multiply-awarded badges are possible per individual.

Don'ts: People may not award badges to themselves or approach Members and/or Associate Members in order to try gaining badges from them. People may not receive badges for performing their normal assigned tasks (eg, Board Members don't get badges for being Board Members, but they could get a badge for actually DOING something special). "She gave me some cookies" and "Is a cool dude" are not legit badges. Actions not intended to benefit the ENTIRE community don't count.

Badge Generators: Feel free to create your own digital badges with any method or style you choose. Badges can be hosted anywhere you like. Add new badges below. Please replace the ugly generic badges below with cool ones! If you make a new version of a badge, please replace the wiki-wide badge, by clicking the image posted here, and clicking "Upload a new version of this file".


Cleaning.png Cleaning, as in mop, sponge, and broom.

File:Organizing Organizing-- sorting resistors, rearranging the woodshop.

File:Fixing Fixing-- repairing broken community tools and equipment.

File:Infrastructure Creating new infrastructure, like setting up an electronic music production studio, or rebuilding the stove.

Culture.png Contributing to Noisebridge cultural life, eg creating visual art in the space, hosting musical events in the space.

Spotlight.png Putting a spotlight on accomplishments of other community members., eg hosting 5MOF.

Teaching.jpg Teaching a class or leading a workshop.

Cooking.jpg Cooking for others.

Stay tuned for more digital badges to come!