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May 15th, 2021[edit]

This was our first regularly scheduled and open activity at 272 Capp Street in 2021!

Everyone attending is "vax positive" as in we all think it is excellent to get vaccinated, wait two weeks, and carefully venture back in to the world and interacting with in person with others.

tj, x, and df gathered prior to noon in the driveway and opened the space for other volunteers scheduled to arrive.

We also unboxed and put some fresh batteries in a temperature sensor and took turns checking and logging body temp as to screen for fevers. It was interesting to note that after an extended bike ride wearing a cap there wasn't an increase in observed body temperature.


  • tj
  • x
  • df
  • FuzzyP
  • Carl
  • Steve


Saturday in the mission, sorta like walking up to 'ole noisebridge, just flipped 180 degrees.


Our neighbor across the street made us this banner out of one of our old window blinds and the steel plate stencil.


Documenting endeavors and testing different streaming, and recording devices as well as consenting hackers to be photogenic.


Starting with more safety, we have a supply of gloves, masks, alcohol, wipes and this here case of safety glasses.


Getting down to business reviving the flaschen taschen.


Now with auto config script on boot and go in to demo scene mode. that's the curb to the ground floor coming in, what lurks behind the curtain


A digital window of out front, aparently projected windows are all the rage with them yoots these days.

getting a head start on preperations for upstairs...


many hands make lighter work, 2 more benches for the electronics room to make a nice 2x2 hack all the things space.


The electronics shelves got an extension, thanks to a well timed allocation of see through wall technology and screw boards in to studs.


Soon to be mural, wall and space cleared for incoming artwork.