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These are the bylaws of Lysator Academic Computer Society.

Not sure if it is going to be helpful or not, but these have evolved over 35 years! It was formally constituted 23 March, 1973, in order to be able to receive a SAAB built computer:, here is some music performed by the saab  computer: recorded in 1967, Singel record released 1978.

In 1975 Lysator designed LYS-16: a 16-bit computer using the IMP-16 CPU using the 4-bitslice processor, 4KB RAM, tv as monitor, tape recorder for storage.

They'd sent a snail mail to some guy named Wozniak, which they'd heard did something interesting, but it turned out that he was using some silly 8 bit chip, so they didn't bother speaking to him again.


(this is "freely" translated from by, <verbatim>

        1. Computer society LYSATOR at Linköpings Technical University
           is a student association independent of the University's
           official organization and other connected parties.
        2. LYSATOR has the purpose of bringing it's members
           to its goal of deepening their knowledge in computer
           technology and science and spread knowledge about
           modern computer technology.
        1. Membership in LYSATOR is open to every student and
           employed at Linköping University.  Membership can also be
           given to others after a decision by the board of
           directors. Membership can also be held by a person who's
           previously been a member during their studies.
        2. Ordinary members pay membership dues as decided by the
           yearly meeting.
        3. A person can be designated as an Honorable Member
           who has been particularly serviceable for the society's
           purpose and development. An ordinary member can no become
           a Honorable Member.
        4. If a member harms the societies purpose or public image
           can be barred by the board. The member who is "threatened"
           to be barred must be allowed to defend himself in front of
           the board before the decision is taken. The barring must
           be discussed at then next society meeting. The barring
           can then be dissolved or lead to removal of the member.
           The member in question have right to speak and right to
           vote at the meeting. A barred member may not have a position
           of responsibility in the society.
        1. LYSATORs happenings is exercised by:
              1. Society meeting.
              2. The board.
              3. Delegated responsibility group.
              4. Project groups.
              5. Other activity as decided by the society meeting.
        2. The accounting/legal year is defined as first of August till last of July.
        1. The society meeting is the highest/ultimate authority,
           in which all members have the right to attend.
        2. Each member has one vote. Voting by proxy must be done in
           writing by the proxy to the meeting secretary. Each person
           can only be proxy for at most one other member.
        3. The society meeting shall, during the accounting year hold at least
           two members meeting, one in the autumn in September or October
           and one yearly meeting in April or May. The society meeting
           meets on being called by the board. The right to announce
           a society meeting is held by:
              1. Inspector.
              2. Board member.
              3. Accountant inspector.
              4. Ten (10) members.
        4. The board's president or other board member calls the society meeting.
           The meeting must be held within 3 weeks after it has come to knowledge
           of the president. The society meeting shall be announced 2 weeks
           in advance, with time and location given. The call for meeting
           shall be made in writing to the members.
        5. The agenda, the propositions and motions and to the autumn meeting;
           story of happenings, economical story, and inspected revisioned
           board documents. The revision story shall be made public within
           five days before the start of the meeting. A motion to the meeting
           shall be at the disposal of the board at least seven days before
           the start of the meeting.
        6. The society meeting is authorized if half or ten (whatever is the least)
           of the members are present.
        7. It is the responsibility of the autumn meeting to:
              1. Treat the revision story, ok the revision story
                 and economical story, decide the question regarding
                 responsibility freedom for the departing board.
              2. Assign responsibility and project groups.
        8. It is the responsibility of the yearly meeting to:
              1. Elect the board, revision inspectors, board nominators and inspector.
              2. Decide budget and membership dues.
        1. The board consist of:
              1. President.
              2. Secretary.
              3. Accountant/Treasurer.
              4. At least two misc board members.
        2. The board is elected by the society meeting.
        3. The board is authorized when at least half of the board is present.
        4. The board is responsible for the society meeting for
           LYSATORs running and economy.
        5. The boards decision shall be protocolled and archived.
           LYSATORs members have the right on request to access
           the board of directors' protocols. The board has the right
           to refuse a members access to the last board of directors
        6. The board is instated at the activity year's start.
        1. For each computer equipment and for other equipment owned by LYSATOR
           or for continuous running activities required, shall have
           a responsibility group be assigned.
        2. Each responsibility group shall have a single ultimately
           responsible leader who reports to the board and the society
           meeting. In others, the responsibility group may be organized
           as deemed needed.
        1. For each project in LYSATORs control there shall be a
           project group assigned.
        2. Each project group shall have a project leader.
           In others, the project group may be organized
           as deemed needed.
        1. The society meeting shall assign inspector, who shall see
           too that LYSATORs activity is happening as per all parters,
           in an honorable and stimulating way.
        2. The inspector owns the right to announce board meeting and
           attend with voting right.
        1. LYSATORs firm is signed by the accountant and the president
        1. For revsion at the yearly meeting there will be two revisionist
           elected, who must be, 18 years old (self legal responsible).
           These members may not have any "position" in the society
           (i.e. may not be on the board).
        2. All involved economic action gets inspected at a responsible's
           functionaries departure, projects acquittal or dismantlement
           or at a each change of action with economical impact.
        3. Revisionaries has the right to access all protocols of the board
           and other documents.
        4. The revisionaries have the right to attend all meetings
           within LYSATOR.
        5. The revisionaries shall after performed inspection
           overwhich they draft a story in which they recommend
           on weather responsibility freedom is recommended.
           The revision story should, before it is presented
           at the autumn meeting, have been accessible to
           the members at least for five (5) days.
        1. Regarding the interpretation of the bylaws, the board's opionon
           holds until a society meeting had decided.
        1. Decision of changes of these bylaws shall take place at two
           on each other following society meetings with 2/3 majority.
           Between these meetings there shall be at least a time window
           of 4 weeks. At least one of the meetings must be held during
           the semester of the Technical University.
        1. The dissolving of the society takes place in accordance with the rules
           of changes of bylaws. Such a decision shall have instructions
           on how the assets should be disponed.
        2. The society can not be dissolved if at least ten (10) members
           wants it to continue to live.