CNC Mill Workshop

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OK, who wants to make stuff on the MaxNCMill?

I can do a workshop and go through the basics of 2d milling and engraving. Jtfoote 17:12, 2 December 2009 (PST)

Let's start with softer materials (plastic, printed circuit board). Bring your own material: scrap acrylic is perfect. A plastic called "graviply" is good for signs -- you mill off the top layer revealing a colored layer underneath. TAP plastics has it but doesn't sell it retail (they want to charge you for the engraving service).

Who wants to do this? I see two basic parts: the toolchain, where you generate GCODE to run the mill, and the actual milling part. You can do the toolchain part yourself and just show up with working gcode, or you can do both parts.

Part 1 (toolchain) signup. Indicate your interest in DXF or Eaglecad (PCB) or both. Read through the info at MaxNCMill.

  1. mct (both)
  2. erik swedberg (both)
  3. Shannon (both)
  4. name here (DXF/PCB)

Part 2: Mill use. You should show up with gcode ready to run, preferably verified on your own copy of AMC2/Axis. If you haven't already, read up on EMC2/Axis control software here:,english/ If you want to try milling a PCB, I'm going to make you get your own .01 cutting tool as they are super-fragile. It's only $11, see MaxNCMill for how to get one from Small Parts/Amazon.

  1. mct
  2. erik swedberg
  3. Shannon
  4. name here

When is a good time? Friday evenings? (Note that the mill is LOUD and it is highly unexcellent to run it during presentations or other things where people want to talk.)

Friday is a good time as it's "shop class" night anyhow, so people should be expecting loud noises from the shop. Turkshead 22:16, 2 December 2009 (PST)