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OK, who wants to make stuff on the MaxNCMill?

I can do a workshop and go through the basics of 2d milling and engraving. Jtfoote 17:12, 2 December 2009 (PST)

Let's start with softer materials (plastic, printed circuit board). Bring your own material: scrap acrylic is perfect. A plastic called "graviply" is good for signs -- you mill off the top layer revealing a colored layer underneath. TAP plastics has it but doesn't sell it retail (they want to charge you for the engraving service).

If you want to try milling a PCB, I'm going to make you get your own .01 cutting tool as they are super-fragile. It's only $11, see MaxNCMill for how to get one from Small Parts/Amazon.

Before we start, you should have gcode ready to run. Consider downloading the emc2/axis or at least run through the toolchain -- details again on MaxNCMill, which you should read in any case.

Who wants to do this? (sign up below).

When is a good time? Friday evening? (Note that the mill is LOUD and it is highly unexcellent to run it during presentations or other things where people want to talk.)

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