CVA PCB Beta Rev0.1 Order

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'¡CAVEAT EMPTOR!' There ARE mistakes on this board! If I knew what they were I would have fixed them. But there's only so much use in staring at a schematic, sooner or later I have to have something physical to test out. Be prepared for a bit of pin-bending to make things fit, and - I hope unlikely but not impossible - getting out an x-acto knife and some jumper wires cuz I got a trace or two wrong. This is Beta Rev 0.1 for a reason.

1. Check out the schematic.

2. Decide what of those components you do or don't want.

3. Add a new row with your name, how many PCB panels you want, and what components you want (entering "ALL", "ALL except EEPROM" or the like is fine if it's clear what you mean).

4. I will update with a price.

5. Check back and confirm.

6. Wait patiently.

7. Be proud to be an elite beta tester.

Name CVA PCB Beta Rev 0.1



< $45 w/compass?, <$15 w/o compass?

Skory 2 2 x ALL except HM55B compass chip
Eric 1 1 x ALL except HM55B compass chip