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<p><b>Voluntary list of people with cars:</b></p>
<p><b>Voluntary list of people with cars:</b></p>
<li>Patrick - my old Lexus is reliable and comfortably fits 5 passengers plus my dog.</li>
<li>[[User:Jared|Jared]] - 1996 Taurus with terrible transmission but a big trunk will help haul shit to dumps if people help load/unload it.</li>

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This page is a voluntary list of people that have cars, vans, trucks, and related vehicles.

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you have a vehicle.

Reasons for this page:

  • Find a ride to transport your awesome Noisebridge-related project to an event or gathering,
  • Car-pool many Noisebridge'ers to an event or gathering,
  • Get home, especially late at night if you miss the last BART or MUNI,
  • Take trash or e-waste from space to dumps.
  • Assist our many long-distance visitors (including couchsurfers!) to the train station or airport,
  • Help your fellow nerds get some social skills - you know where to find a party but somebody else has the ride.

Voluntary list of people with cars:

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