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= Past Events =
= Past Events =
:'''2009-07-02 - 2009-07-05''': [http://toorcamp.org Toorcamp]
:'''2009-07-01''': Noisedroid meeting to discuss location logging on Android platform (and other stuff too, I'm sure)
:'''2009-06-30''': [[Powerbocking Class|Powerbocking class]]
:'''2009-06-30''': "Suing Telemarketers for Fun and Profit" (Toorcamp talk preview)
:'''2009-06-28''': "Meditation for Hackers" (Toorcamp workshop preview)
:'''2009-05-21''': [[Five Minutes of Fame]]
:'''2009-05-21''': [[Five Minutes of Fame]]
:'''2009-04-27''': [[EagleCAD workshop]] -- learn to use this CAD tool for printed circuit board design
:'''2009-04-27''': [[EagleCAD workshop]] -- learn to use this CAD tool for printed circuit board design

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Official, Semi-Official, one-off and other events at the NoiseBridge space.

Event Calendar

All Noisebridge event datum are belong to gCal. View it here or grab it in xml and ical formats. (If any wiki admins want to add a gCal mediawiki plugin so we can embed here, please go for it.)

Also, not all events get on this page or the calendar. Most events are announced on the mailing list and or at the Tuesday meetings. Some events just happen. Pay attention!

Upcoming Events

Saturday and Sunday June 13 and 14 RoboGames 2009: Noisebridge will have a booth here and will need volunteers. It should be great fun!
Monday June 15 at 7pm Eagle Workshop Session two of the Eagle CAD workshop.

Recurring Events

Monday: Pyclass - Learn to how to write computer programs using Python! 6:30pm till 8pm
Monday: Circuit Hacking Mondays - Weekly get-together to solder stuff! 8:30pm till ?? Learn to solder! Mitch will bring kits to make cool, hackable things that you can bring home after you make it. Of course, you can also bring your own projects to hack.
Tuesday: - our weekly 8pm meeting generally gets 10-30 people; we try to keep the formal part under 1 hour and socialize the rest of the evening.
Wednesday: Machine Learning - weekly get-together about Machine Learning
Thursday: Five Minutes of Fame - third Thursday of each month.
Friday: Mandarin Corner - Weekly getagether to practice Chinese language. On hiatus, contact if interested.
Friday: CrazyCryptoNight - Discussion of cryptography for beginners through experts. 6-???
Sunday: Cyborg Group at 11 am. Brief discussion on wearable sensory interfaces and brain plasticity followed by collaborative hardware hacking.
Sunday: Go Playing of the Go boardgame at 3pm. On nice days we often take the boards to Dolores part and play there.
Sunday : OpenEEG Hacking Sundays, at 3-5pm.

Current workshops & classes

(these recur but not indefinitely)

Tuesday: Haskell/Haschool - Learn Haskell with Jason Dusek. 6PM - 7:30PM, from May until we're all experts.
Wednesday: Adobe Lightroom - Become a more organized photographer. Weekly class (mostly held off site).
Thursday: Professional VFX Compositing With Adobe After Effects - Taught by Aaron Muszalski. 7:30PM - 10PM, most Thursdays in May & June & ? (click through dammit)

Planned Events

(TBD): Introduction to the AVR Microcontroller - Jeff and Mitch are planning an introductory class for people wanting to make cool projects with AVRs.
(TBD): Basic Chemistry Lab Techniques
(TBD): Cuddle Puddle for the Economy - Stress-hacking with informal massage exchange.
(TBD): Milk and Cookies - Come read your favorite selections out loud. With Milk and Cookies (and yeah, probably beer too).
(TBD): Processing Workshop 2 - Scott is interested in teaching this, and is busy thinking about what, where, when, why, and how.
(TBD): Hack your Hardware -- We call BS on "no user-serviceable parts inside"
(TBD): Homebrew Instruction Class - The Wort (pt 1/3)
(TBD): Trip to Shooting Range - Field trip to a shooting range, to shoot guns. Express interest at Trip to Shooting Range
(TBD): Surface Mount Soldering Workshop - Learn how to solder cicuits with small surface mount parts. Mitch Altman and Martin Bogomolni and others will show their tricks. Mitch will bring hackable kits that uses surface mounts for you to solder.
(TBD) - Locksport and Lockpicking
(TBD) - Version control tutorial
(TBD) - Foreign language learning for rocket scientists - I'm near-native (fool people when I try) in (French and) Japanese, and a pro trans/terpreter and will share my shortcuts (skill-order, vocab, speed/articulation, translation≅grammar). No expertise on tonal languages yet... so if you know how to remember tones or how tone-sandhi interacts with speed and/or how nuances of speaker attitude are expressed in them (what we do with rythm/inflection/sentence-intonation and stress in Eng., and with particles and ??? in e.g. Cantonese) please chime in or call me (415-608-0564) so I can convey your wisdom. [also looking for a from-scratch Arabic partner]
(TBD): Getting started with Arduino
(TBD): Distributed Databases

Past Events

2009-07-02 - 2009-07-05: Toorcamp
2009-07-01: Noisedroid meeting to discuss location logging on Android platform (and other stuff too, I'm sure)
2009-06-30: Powerbocking class
2009-06-30: "Suing Telemarketers for Fun and Profit" (Toorcamp talk preview)
2009-06-28: "Meditation for Hackers" (Toorcamp workshop preview)
2009-05-21: Five Minutes of Fame
2009-04-27: EagleCAD workshop -- learn to use this CAD tool for printed circuit board design
2009-04-16: Five Minutes of Fame April showers & flowers edition
2009-04-11: RFID Hacking weekend workshop (this event moved from the original March date)
2009-04-05: First aid and CPR class Learning how to not only not die, but also reduce scarring!
2009-04-03: Sudo pop 2PM and on. Making the first batch of a Noisebridge label yerba mate-niated rootbrew, gratis and DIY
2009-03-26: OpenEEG Hacking first meet up for this new group: 8 pm
2009-03-19: Five Minutes of Fame
2009-03-12: OpenBTS and GSM talk by David Burgess
2009-02-14: Open Heart Workshop Valentine's Day blinkyheart soldering party!
2009-02-13: time_t Party to celebrate 1,234,567,890 since the Unix epoch.
2009-02-09: Spanish learning at 8:30
2009-02-05: PGP Key Workshop
2009-01-31: Locksport and Lockpicking
2008-12-27: 25C3 Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin
2008-12-20 & 21: Creme Brulee Workshop on creating a french dessert, with bonus propane torch.
2008-12-17 20:00: Machine Learning Birds-of-a-feather
2008-11-24: Circuit Hacking Monday circuit design workshop
2008-11-21, 7pm:Milk and Cookies -- David Molnar hosts Milk and Cookies at 83C. Bring a short 5-7minute thing to read to others. Bring a potluck cookie/snack/drink if you like. David will bring milk and cookies.
2008-11-17, 7:30pm: Basic Bicycle Maintain - Rubin and rigel hate it when we see a bike that isn't maintained. Screechy chains and clacking derailleur can go to hell. Basic bike tune up, sharing the smarts on simple things you can do at home to make your ride suck a whole lot less.
2008-11-16, 5:00pm: RepRap Soldering Party - help assemble RepRap! RSVPs required on wiki! adi
2008-11-16, 3:00pm: Oscilloscopes - Learn how to use this versatile tool to test electronic circuits. Maximum 6 slots, please sign up ahead of time! dstaff
2008-10-31: Halloween Open House - NoiseBridge's own PPPC threw an awesome open house/halloween gala. Post pictures if you got 'em!
2008-10-25: Soldering Workshop and Pumpkin Hackin' - Learn to solder for total newbies (or learn to solder better!), including surface mount. Additionally, carve your halloween pumpkins and enjoy some experimental pumpkin pie and/or soup.
2008-10-07: (tuesday before meeting) - Etch a circuit board. I'll be trying a photo resist etching and a basic printed mask etching. This is step 1/3 for a project called "annoying USB thingie" which will execute pre-defined keystrokes by sneaking a tiny USB dongle onto a victim^h^h^h^h^h buddy's computer.
2008-09-13: Processing Workshop — Learn this very easy-to-use programming language! - Processing Workshop Report
2008-02-16: Brain Machine Making Workshop: Our first hardware sprint!


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