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== Events OUTSIDE Noisebridge, But Related To Noisebridge ==
== Events OUTSIDE Noisebridge, But Related To Noisebridge ==
1. [ Maker Faire]
1. [[Category:Maker Faire]]

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This is documentation about how to create or run events at Noisebridge or related to Noisebridge.

Events INSIDE Noisebridge

Step 1: Does the event need a permit?

Most events don't need permits. How to tell if the event needs a permit?

1. It has live music or live DJs.

2. It expects up to 49 people or more to stay inside at the same time.

If both of these are true for the event, then the event need a "One Time Indoor Entertainment Event Permit".

Step 2: Do things to prepare for the event

For ALL events (Meetups, Hackathons, etc.)

Please see: "Hosting an Event"

For Large (And More Importantly NOISY) Events Inside Noisebridge That Require Permits

Please do this additional step: "Permits For Events"

Events OUTSIDE Noisebridge, But Related To Noisebridge


After completing the above steps

Please add the events to Noisebridge's Meetup page, and to the Calendar of

Afterwards, please promote the event through social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, facebook, etc.) to promote the event.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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