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I just got off of a form of birth control that was basically a hormone suppressant. For the past 6 years that I have been on it, I have been rocking a 32D and been happy with it because it matches my body size pretty perfectly. But now that my estrogen is rushing back into my body, my boobs are swelling, my waist is shrinking and my ass is blooming into something a 2000's rapper would be proud to smack. I went from a 32D to a 30F in the span of a month or so. None of my clothes fit anymore and my boobies hurt all the time! Before anyone asks, no, I am not pregnant lol I have been having periods and also took a test to be sure. I'm just growing huge boobs. I hope they don't get any bigger because 30F is already hard enough to find in stores!

I felt like you hackers could relate to my sorrows. All of my friends are all like, "OH NO, your boobs are growing and your waist is shrinking! What a horrible thing!" and I am like, yes, it's horrible, because now I have to buy all new shirts/dresses/bras. Urgh.

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