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| <center> NoiseTown  ChaosHeaven </center>
| <center> NoiseTown  ChaosHeaven </center>
| local NB CCC <br> Berlin guide
| local NB CCC <br> Berlin guide

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Are you going?

Note, we also have a page on the CCC wiki.

Name email German Phone # Camp Arrival date Departure date Next destination? Notes
Rubin110 email +4915783914917 NoiseTown 9th? 15th? Berlin/Vienna Biking from Copenhagen
openfly blog Milliways 8th 14th SFO Planes trains and automobiles.
Mitch maltman23*at*hotmail NoiseTown 8th? 15th? Berlin stayin in Berlin till 1-Sept
Casey c1 * at * caseyc.net 10th 24th Berlin CCCAmp newb.
Wladyslaw embedded linux guy (punkt) gmail (punkt) com NoiseTown 9th? 19th? Vienna? Desktop Summit Aug. 6-9
Andy adi@hexapodia.org ? 6th 15th SFO Zurich Aug 2-5
MetaVolutioN MetaMindMaster*at*gmail
9835240242306 DIV 2
NoiseTown ChaosHeaven
6th 23rd SFO local NB CCC
Berlin guide
MCT mct@toren.net HoaP 8th 25th SFO Travelling with Hackers on a Plane. I have 5 days after camp to spend in Europe, with a rail pass. Want to wander with me?



  • Rubin, Reed and some awesome guys from Metalab might make fire happen.
  • support by KSK SAS outdoor survival specialist-hacker if desired ( flint and ethanol-can-stove ) ~mV

  • make your personal big-brother-cloaking [brainwave] anti-surveillance-cam IR-LED cyberpunk-ninja-invisibility shades / glasses ~mV


Q: What's the best way to get to Camp from TXL? Non-bike-enabled.

A: Take the TXL bus to Berlin Hauptbanhof. From there it's 1 - 1 1/2 hours by public transit to the Finowfurt post office (2km walk from camp) via Eberswalde. Alternatively, stop by IN-Berlin at Lehrter Str. 53 during camp. They will be live-streaming talks and people will be frequently driving back and forth.