Circuit Hacking Monday

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What? Where?

Come by 83c Wiese St from 8-10PM on Monday December 8 for a cooperative workshop on circuit hacking.


As interest warrants:

  • soldering (everything from through-hole to SMD rework)
  • breadboarding
  • powering your circuit (bench power supplies, ATX hacking, batteries)
  • making LEDs blink and fade
  • using AVR / Arduino / Boarduino to make circuits easier
  • using oscilloscopes / multimeters to debug circuits
  • reverse engineering circuits
  • Designing PCBs using GEDA


Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level. If you have never made a circuit before and have no idea where to start, bring $20 to cover materials cost for a Brain Machine kit and build it.


Please come with an idea, or a question, or a circuit you want to hack. Research ideas on the Internet ahead of time and come put them into practice!

What can I bring to help?

  • multimeters (we have just 2 at 83c)
  • Arduino / clones
  • USB - serial dongle for your Arduino
  • breadboards
  • 9V batteries (a bulk donation would be great)

I am a blank slate! What should I do?

  • make an Arduino fade an RGB LED in varying color patterns.
  • make an Arduino illuminate a 3x3 LED matrix in varying shapes.
  • build an IR -> visible LED transducer and reverse-engineer the Picco-Z Microhelicopter remote control
  • reverse engineer the LED sign circuitry donated by ACCRC
  • build a test circuit for one of our RepRap boards

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