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August 9 - 15

A week packed full of classes on a variety of topics! Noisebridge will be fully reopening in mid-August and we want you to come and experience all that Noisebridge has to offer.

Coming? Want to tell the world? Join the Facebook event if you feel like it!


Come teach at Noisebridge! Help make Noisebridge a place where people will want to come and learn about all things related to hacking.

For this week, we're looking for people to teach as many one-off classes as possible, in addition to the regularly scheduled recurring classes. Filling Noisebridge up with classes for a week will send the message that it's a place where everyone is free to come and teach what they know, and learn as much as they can. It should also help with the fundraising effort toward the Reboot.


Have a specific skill that you're good at or known for? Think others would benefit from it? Take an hour or two of your time to teach others.

  • woodshop
  • photography
  • programming
  • lockpicking
  • CPR
  • circuit bending
  • cross-stitch / needlepoint
  • wearable electronics
  • radio broadcasting
  • streaming audio/video
  • ...?

Here's a list of Noisebridge's resources - use them to their full potential!

We're also looking for all-ages or kid-friendly classes to be taught on the weekend.


Rooms with no events scheduled are listed in the "Free" row. They're up for grabs!

(You can also hold a class in the shop or other common areas - only rooms with events scheduled are currently shown.)

August 9
August 10
August 11
August 12
August 13
August 14
August 15
Free Turing Hackatorium, Turing Hackatorium Turing
Room Hackatorium Church Church Hackatorium Church Turing Hackatorium Church Turing CollaborationStation Church Turing Hackatorium Church Turing Hackatorium Church
10:30 Designing Custom Circuit Boards with Eagle CAD
11:00 Godwaffle-noise-pancakes Arduino workshop setup
1 PM Arduino for Total Newbies Intro to Python
2 PM
3 PM Intro to Computers
4 PM
4:30 Arduino workshop tear-down
5 PM Intro to Kinect Development
6 PM Hardware Hacking & Repair SF-LUG Weekly Linux Discussion Group Machine Learning 101 Re-opening party
7 PM Weekly meeting Intro to Ruby on Rails Python Q&A Sessions Python Q&A Sessions First Aid class JavaScript
7:30 Dry-run of Intro to Kinect Development Circuit Hacking Mondays Front-end Web Development lecture Introduction to Ember.js
8 PM Adobe Lightroom Dream Team Neurohacking Front-end Web Development lab
9 PM
: Unavailable
: Free
: One-time
: Recurring


Jeffrey is in charge of finding people to teach classes and help schedule them. Contact him, or Noisebridge-discuss, with any questions related to the Class-A-Thon.

To teach a class, all you have to do is put it on the Upcoming or Recurring Events list and email Noisebridge-announce! Jeffrey will take care of adding the class to the above list, but you can do it yourself if you feel like messing with MediaWiki tables.