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The Church classroom is in the back and slightly larger than Turing. It is named after [ Alonzo Church].
The Church classroom is in the back and slightly larger than Turing. It is named after [ Alonzo Church].
Norah stood in front of her bedroom mirror, regarding her reflection. Her face was full of frustration. Norah was very tall; standing a towering six-foot-ten. She had pure white hair and eyebrows thanks to her mother's genes. Her skin was incredibly pale; being mistaken for an albino wasn't unheard of. Her eyes were a striking blue. Her body was flat and thin; lacking any curve or definition. She was built like a twelve year old boy; lacking any muscle, fat, or breasts.
Her legs were a curse and a gift. Norah had measured her legs many times, tracking their growth. They currently went on for 55 inches. Her mother always told her that guys liked “leggy” girls. When her legs first started growing, she was finally happy. She may not have had breasts or hips in high school but she had legs. There was a time of great joy but they didn't stop growing. Soon, the guys disappeared under her and her hair would graze the top of door frames. Guys like “leggy” women but not when their legs are twice as long as their upper body.
High school, however, was long gone. Norah had just turned twenty-two the previous night. During the after party, she had found a box of her old clothing. Inside the box was a pair of jeans. Trying to find pants for legs as long as hers was nearly impossible. While she could pull the jeans all the way up thanks to her petite waist, the long jeans had turned into a very awkward and very tight pair of shorts on her.
With a quick motion of her hand, Norah unbuttoned the jeans and they fell to the floor. She had no reason to keep around the old clothes but she could never bring herself to get rid of them. Perhaps her mind liked to torture itself; a reminder of her towering height. Norah turned away, frustrated and confused. She shared almost everything with her few friends; Lucy, Zoey, and Rebecca. They would always talk with her and be there for her but even she had her secrets.
A secret that dug into her mind, that made her feel disgusted, had filled her mind again. When she masturbated, her mind was filled with images of her legs growing even longer and actually having breasts. Her dreams were filled with her body growing to ten, fifteen, twenty feet with breasts so large she couldn't move. Norah would try not to enjoy the idea but she couldn't control her body. This time, however, was like no other. Her body began to move with its own willpower with a hand reaching down for her wet vagina.
In the corner of her bedroom were three twin-mattresses laid side by side to accommodate her size. Norah slowly walked over and kneeled on the makeshift, super-sized bed. One hand reached for something lodged between the mattresses as her other hand stayed attached to her moist pussy. She quickly pulled the “something” out; her vibrator. The massive, twelve inch vibrator was quickly shoved deep inside of her. On the base of the vibrator were three settings. Norah's hand, without thinking, set the vibrator to maximum strength.
Norah collapsed on the bed. She turned over in the bed, looking up at the ceiling. One hand grabbed at her flat chest as her other hand grabbed her vibrator and began pumping the monster. The dreams began flooding into her mind. Massive mounds of creamy white skin rising from her barren chest. Her head bumping into the ceiling as she grew too large for her apartment. Being engulfed and suffocated by a sea of breasts. Feeling her legs smash through the walls. Eighty foot bust. Mile long legs. Massive breasts. Long legs. Tits. Legs.
Norah's eyes opened quickly. As she pulled out the huge vibrator, her vagina began gushing fluid; quickly soaking her bed. Norah was drenched in sweat, her bed was covered with her feminine ejaculation, and the room was filled with the sound of her panting. Norah was back. Back to her flat chest, her twelve year old upper body, and her 55 inch legs.
The apartment laundry room was a large, ramshackle room. The corners were filled with rust and dirt, the walls lined with washers and dryers, and two long benches to accommodate. Norah sat on the end of a bench as she waited for her sheets to finish washing. What would normally be a knee-length, red polka dot dress was, as Norah wore it now, an incredibly short dress that just covered her ass. The washer ringed out a screeching, rustic ding while Norah tried pulling down the ill-fitting dress. She rose quickly but was forced to kneel down to properly retrieve her sheets. As Norah was kneeling, her dress was left to rise up and reveal her black panties.
With her sheets in the dryer, Norah rose to her feet and looked down. Her long, pale legs looked like stilts. She began staring at them, becoming mesmerized. Without warning, the floor began shrinking. Norah let our a shriek as she looked up to a view of the ceiling come right at her. Her head banged against the ceiling, sending her down to the ground. She fell on her ass, pressing against the ice-cold tiles. Her entire body began shivering but instead of any cries or shrieks, Norah let out a loud, booming moan of pleasure. Her back was now up against the back wall, her legs stretching out to the other wall, her face was pressed up against the ceiling, and she was still growing. With the loud snapping sound of her panties bursting to shreds, her hands began moving on their own. Her hands reached out and ripped one of the benches from the floor. Her back was now curving with the ceiling, shoving her head closer and closer to her crouch. Her legs was beginning to arch as they quickly ran out of room. With the bench firmly in hand, she shoved it into her gaping vagina. Her chest began expanding into massive orbs but something else was growing as well. Her entire body was gaining weight; her thighs were rapidly expanding, he ass was filling out, and her stomach was quickly turning into a pot belly.
Her body had no more room. Her face was completely engulfed in her belly and cleavage. Her legs were beginning to crack the walls. In one massive explosion, the walls broke down and Norah was unleashed. The entire apartment building toppled over as she stood up. Standing, Norah was hundreds of feet tall and impossibly obese. She looked down and could only see her ever expanding belly and never ending cleavage. Before Norah could move, she toppled over onto her ass. She looked behind and saw her butt filling up faster then anything else. Her ass was crushing blocks of the city by the minute. Her legs were still growing longer, stretching out for miles now. Her ass was like a love seat as Norah laid back on her expanding fat. Her pale legs were radiant in the morning sunshine. Her massive stomach was now reaching her knees. Her breasts were pushing up against her chin, pinning her under their immense weight. Massive ass. Really fat. Huge tits. Long legs. Ass. Fat. Tits. Legs.
A loud, ringing chime echoed around the laundry room as Norah opened her eyes. She was back. Back to her flat stomach, her twelve year old body, and her 55 inch legs. Her legs were stretched out in front of her, her hands were deep in her vagina, her panties were on the ground, and everything in front of her was covered in her ejaculation. Her arms wrapped around her waist, looking for any signs of fat but only found the same scrawny waist she always had. She quickly stood and looked around to see if anyone else was there. She was alone.
Norah yanked open the laundry, pulled out her sheets, grabbed her panties, and ran straight back up to her apartment. With the door slammed behind her, the sheets dropped on the floor, and within the saftey of her home, she dropped to the floor. She propped her back up against the door and pulled her legs up to her in a sitting, fetal position. “First my legs... then my breasts... and now I want to be a fat ass... what's wrong with me?” she thought aloud.
The following two days had taken their toll. Every few hours, like clockwork, Norah's mind was overcome with her sexual fantasies and uncontrollable masturbation ensued. Every time she saw a busty or chubby woman anywhere in anyway, her libido was sent over the edge. She had completely lost control over her body; life was now a never ending cycle of masturbation and cleaning. Never had Norah loathed her squirting orgasms more then now in her entire life. She knew she was a rare breed of woman who could not only gush but do so on every orgasm. Her mind once considered this a positive, unique attribute but it had now become the bane of her existence.
What scared her most, even more then her complete lack of control, were the orgasms. With each episode of uncontrollable of masturbation, her orgasms grew greater in everywhere. Her orgasms were growing longer. Her body was ejaculating far more fluid then ever before. The pleasure was increasing exponentially. What scared her was how much she was beginning to enjoy the episodes. She hated being a slave to her body but part of her, a small sliver of her, was enjoying them. Never had Norah experienced such pleasure, joy, and pure happiness during masturbation now. When the fantasies began flooding, every worry or pain melted away. She was filled with pure lust and passion without a single other thought; pure joy and pleasure like she had never imagined. What was perhaps even worse was that, with each uncontrollable episode, that littler sliver of her that loved the past two days was growing.
Norah knew her body was long past out of control and needed help. She was far too embarrassed to even consider telling Lucy, Zoey, or Rebecca. She now sat in a doctor's waiting room with desperation. The waiting room didn't have too many people but the few that were there had a hard time not staring at her or her legs that dominated the small room; or her candy-red evening gown that hung just barely passed her knees for that matter. Norah, for once in her life, didn't care about the staring eyes. She just tried to keep her mind occupied until Dr. Carroll could help her. She kept her face deep within one of her many Robert Ludlum novels and waited for her name to be called.
“Norah Iozefina?”
Norah quickly rose from her seat and hit her head on the fan which was, thankfully, turned off at the time. The nurse's eyes grew large but she kept her cool; must have been new if she didn't know about Noarh's height. She stepped to the side as Norah walked past the nurse; her head just scraping against the door frame. A few heads moved into view as they watched Norah walk down the hallway before the nurse walked back in and shut the door behind her.
The nurse walked past Norah and began leading her. At the end of the hallway was Dr. Carroll’s office which Norah had to duck under the frame to enter. The nurse informed her that the the doctor would be right with and left her alone. The room was nicely spacious with a few cluttered counters but for Norah, she was forced to sit in a low, wheelie-chair and her legs constantly bumped into the counters. She felt cramped and cold in the room; one of the reasons she hated seeing the doctor.
With a quick gust of window, the door slammed open and Dr. Carroll bursted into the room. He was a middle-aged man with all the energy of a five year old. His brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail while he sported a bushy goatee. He looked like a rabid hippie, as Norah had humorously pointed out during more then a few check ups. He hopped up on the counter by Norah so he could look her in the eye as he did every time she came up.
“I see you hired a new nurse.” Norah inquired.
“Nurses. Business has really picked up and I needed more help. I can't give out this many placebos on my own” He gave her a sarcastic smile before continuing. “You're not scheduled for a check-up in three months, Norah. What's wrong or did you wake up early?” Dr. Carroll was always trying to be funny, trying desperately hard. Norah always found the effort more entertaining then any joke he ever made. She gave a weak smile before she began.
Norah explained the past two days to him. She told him everything. In detail.
Dr. Carroll's high-energy smile slowly faded as he became serious, picked up a clip board to take notes, and never interrupted her with a bad joke; something unheard of. Norah didn't just tell him about the episodes but about the fantasies, her fear of what she was becoming, and her disgust with herself. By the end, Norah was on the verge of tears. Dr. Carroll patted her on the back, told her everything would be okay, and that he'd be back soon. He quickly left in a near jog, leaving the door wide open.
Norah took a few deep breathes and regained her composure. Her twisted nightmare was coming to a close soon. That sliver of her that wanted more was quickly drowned out by her excitement to be confident enough to go back to work, and to have her life back. She relaxed, rested her back, and stared at the open doorway; awaiting Dr. Carroll's return. That is, until someone walked by.
A nurse that Norah had ever seen walked by. She was a chubby redhead with a face full of freckles. From the waist up, she looked like she could be fourteen or fifteen, but from the waist down, all that changed. All her weight was going straight to her ass; it was massive from within the confines of her pants. Her ass crack was bulging out of the top; only being held by a strained pair of cotton panties. Despite her tight panties, her ass jiggled as she walked down the hallway. Her two, cantaloupe sized, ass cheeks jiggled and wobbled up and down.
Norah looked away but the fantasies were flooding her mind. Right at that moment, Dr. Carroll returned. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Norah with her back arched, one hand clawing at her thigh, and another holding onto the chair for dear life. “Is it happening?” He asked. Norah nodded her head weakly. “I'll make this quick then.” He assured her as he pulled out a form and a pen.
“I'm giving you an indefinite supply of hormone equalizers-”
“Hormone enhancers?”
“What? No, no, no. Enhancers would make this worse. Your body is going through some dramatic hormone imbalances. I've never seen such an imbalance like this and I can't explain the hallucinations, yet. Take this form and ask for the hormone equalizer barcode. I would never give anyone an indefinite barcode, or let them get the barcode themselves but it'll be faster; no programming required. Come back in three days and we'll see if they're helping. If it had nothing to do with your hormones, they'll be harmless. Come back in three days for a check up and some blood work to make sure it's your hormones. Take this form, get the hormone equalizers barcode from the front desk, and get home. After this episode, go to a pharmacy.”
Norah was beginning to sweat and she was loosing control of her hand, bit by bit. Dr. Carroll handed her the form and she yanked it away. Norah stood up and rushed out, remembering to duck as she we went through the doorway. Breathing was becoming harder as she resisted every sense in her body; she had never fought this hard against it. She threw open the door to the waiting room and threw herself at the front counter. The redhead was there, looking up at her in fear and confusing. Norah slammed down the form.
“What...” The redhead nurse began asking.
“Hurry up!” Norah shouted, cutting her off.
“What barcode do you need?”
“What?! Uh... oh, hormone enhancers. Quick!”
The nurse ran to the back cabinet, ran her finger through a box, and pulled out a barcode sticker. She pulled off the back and stuck it straight onto the prescription form. Norah turned away and ran out of the building before the nurse could say anything.
Norah, once outside, ran straight to her bicycle, jumped on, and sped off. She would have a car but it was nearly impossible to drive with legs as long as hers but the bike wasn't doing her any favors. The feeling of the seat rubbing against her, bouncing up and down, was driving her over the edge. Her bicycle slowly became harder and harder to peddle; she could feel herself slowing down. She was drenched in sweat, surrounded by people staring at on the street but, for once, not up at her. They were staring at something else.
Norah felt a strange feeling, like the seat was going up her ass. She looked behind her and realized what everyone was looking at. Her rear was growing immense, already twice the size of the the redhead's ass. Her dress was bundled up around the waist with her polka dot panties stretched to the max; her ass was in view to the entire world. She lost control of the bike and tumbled down. The sidewalk cement was icy cold, sending shivers all over her body, as she landed firmly on her ass. She attempted to get up but no matter how hard she tried, her growing ass was immobile. She fell back into her now 100 inch ass on her pencil-thin figure.
As she fell and shook her massive butt, sending waves of jiggling all over, her mind was overloaded with pleasure. At that moment, she gave herself completely over to her body; no more fighting. Her right hand quickly submerged itself within her vagina, masturbating furiously. Her left hand kept busy by groping her still growing ass cheeks which were becoming increasingly more sensitive. People, mostly men, began crowding around the spectacle of her amazing, growing posterior.
Soon, the sensation of growing slowly faded; leaving Norah with a rail thin body but an ass four feet high and twelve feet wide. She dominated the sidewalk and most of left lane but traffic had completely stopped. She was covered in sweat and short of breath when she took a moment to look around. She rested her arms on her ass, opened her legs, which were still firmly planted on the ground, and looked at the crowd. The crowd was mostly wide eyed, drooling men. With one hand, she groped her colossus ass and instantly felt her pussy get moist. She opened her mouth to say something but was stopped by her body beginning to grow again, in full throttle.
With a great, loud moan, Norah could feel the rest of her body being filled with fat but it was a bit imbalanced; for each pound her body gained, her magnificent, creamy white ass gained two. Her thighs filled out, her breasts quickly grew in great mounds of flesh, and her stomach was already looking like she had ten babies in her. The men lost it and quickly piled onto her as her ass lifted her higher and higher into the air.
“Oh god yes... Yes... YES! YES! Oh god! Love me! Love Me! LOVE ME!” Norah shouted at the top of her lungs. So many vibrations, so much jiggling, so much groping; her now infinitely sensitive body couldn't handle it. She could only keep screaming “LOVE ME!” and the men obeyed. Both of her hands were now stuck inside of her vagina; trapped under the enormous weight of her belly. Her thighs were stretched to their limit, a foot in diameter and they were far from done. Her skin was tight and the dozens of men covering her mass had overloaded her body.
Norah yelled out something between a scream and a moan at the top of her lungs and, with her entire body shaking, began to ejaculate. However, she didn't just squirt or gush but rather, her vagina had turned into a fire hose of feminine ejaculation. The flood was one, never ending stream of fluids. She had grown far too obese to move; her arms and legs were multiple feet in diameter and ass now stood thirty feet into the air. She could do nothing but lay there, close her eyes, and scream as her orgasm kept on going. After ten minutes, her vagina was still gushing fluids and she was still growing; her mind was lost. Her ass was rising high, beginning to cover the city block. Her breasts were like colossus orbs rising high above some of the smaller buildings. Her legs were thousands of pounds. Magnificent ass cheeks. Mammoth breasts. Big beautiful legs. Ass. Tits. Legs.
Norah opened her eyes. She was back. Back to her flat stomach, her twelve year old body, and her 55 inch legs. She was back on the street. She looked around and saw she was surrounded by a crowd of people. A police officer stood in front of her. Her legs were spread, her panties bundled up in her left hand, and the officer's shoes were soaked from her ejaculation. Tears welled up in her eyes. Everyone sated at her, shocked and disgusted, as Norah looked around confused. She stood up, with the tallest person only chest level to her, and she ran. Her shoes were gone and her bike was still on the ground but she didn't care. She just ran, crying till her eyes were dry and red. She didn't stop running until she was home with the door to her apartment slammed shut behind.

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Noisebridge has two classrooms.


The Turing classroom is set up for software development and hacking. It is named after Alan Turing.


The Church classroom is in the back and slightly larger than Turing. It is named after Alonzo Church.

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