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Next Cleaning Day


The space needs some cleaning.

On August 4 and 5 we are going to do some cleaning in the space. If would like to help clean your local hackerspace, please come on over. We'll make good use of your time, spend some time working with each other. Maybe we can even swing some refreshments.

If you'd like to add to the list of tasks below, please do.

We'll start around 10:00a each day, but come anytime you can make time. See you soon!

If you are in an area regularly, please consider bottom-lining that area. Only people who use an area regularly know what is good, and what is trash. We need those experienced volunteers to help others know what to do to improve an area. These volunteers experienced in an area are called "bottom-liners", meaning they are responsible for making sure it gets done. If you want to be a bottom liner, please publicly claim it in slack, .

Bottom-liners should be here on saturday and sunday, for at least part of the day. They should develop a vision of what their space should ideally look like, and consider if they need new shelves/drawers/pegboards, etc to acccomplish that. If you need organizational hardware, post about it on slack and we can coordinate fundraising for it. Organizational hardware is equipment-fundable. If you can't bottom line the whole time, maybe you can get someone to split days with you. Consult with other people who use an area to develop a plan for this space. This will help us all be on the same page

Bottom Liner plans

Bottom Liners, please write a brief synopsis of what your plans are for your space, especially if you won't be here the full time to tell people.

  • Electronics
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner: Rando
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Nglac
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Sewing
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Woodshop
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Classrooms
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Hackitorium
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • 3d Printer Area
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Sparkleforge - Laser Cutter
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Sparkleforge - Metal Shop
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:: Akelly
    • Overall plan for space:
  • Lounges
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:
  • The Audio Space At The Back
    • Saturday Bottom-Liner:
    • Sunday Bottom-Liner:
    • Overall plan for space:

Project and Materials purge

Please note: we will be purging and reclaiming projects and materials in the space. If you are storing anything in the space, this may affect you. See the details below.

1. Project Shelves Purge: If you have projects in the space that aren't on the lockers, fabric bins, or project shelves, please remove them. All items on the project shelves must have a recent (within 1 month) DO NOT HACK on them or they will be purged. 2. General all-hands Purge!!!: All DO NOT HACK tags elsewhere in the space expire the day the cleaning starts.

Cleaning Tasks

General Tasks

  • Project Shelf purge:
    • Projects on the project shelves with tags >2 months old will be untagged and moved to hack shelves, Ewaste staging or dumpstered depending on judgement of person preforming purge.
  • General Project purge
    • Throughout the space all personal projects will be untagged and moved to hack shelves, Ewaste staging or dumpstered depending on judgement of person preforming purge.
  • Dump Run Staging:
    • All general and construction debris should be collected for Sunday morning transport to the dump.
  • Dust Shelves:
    • Brush dust off any high surfaces and shelves for later collection via sweeping.
  • Wipe down Tables and Chairs:
    • Clear tables and chairs and wipe/scrub down with clean wet rags.
  • Sweep
    • Move furniture and sweep the space. This should come after wiping down the tables.
  • "Modify"
    • If an area is found to be dirty, unorganized, underused, etc, perhaps that area should be modified. Maybe it should be removed, or reorganized, organizational hardware should be added, or just labeled. Give some thought for what should happen, and talk with others. It doesn't have to happen this weekend but it could, after all the cleaning.

Main Spaces

  • Entryway sweeping:
    • Sweep out stairway and collect any accumulated trash. Also sweep elevator carriage. Wipe down or mop stairs
  • Purge books:
    • Books that are not to be part of the Noisebridge Library collection should be staged for Dump Run, or offered for free on Mission street.
  • Window Cleaning:
    • Windows to be wiped clean and dryed. To the extent that the person perfuming the task feels safe doing so.
  • Bathroom Cleaning:
    • Empty trash cans. Wipe down walls. Scrub fixtures. Sweep and Mop Floors.
  • Display Case clean up
    • Description: The display case could use some cleaning up. The LEDs should be remounted, the shelves and glass cleaned, and shirts and stickers arranged, and old items purged from the area.
  • Defrost and Clean the Refrigerator
  • Clean Tea/Coffea area
    • Purge items that are less useful, or too plentiful, and put them in dump staging or on the sidewalk for free.
    • Clean out tea/coffee making tools
    • Clean tables.
  • Sink Area
    • Purge less useful items around sink area and adjacent shelves
    • Wipe down shelves and sink

Electronics and Hack shelves

  • Ewaste Staging:
    • Gather current Ewaste and add additional Ewaste from hack shelves and project shelves. Collect into easy to move bins and bags for later transport to an Ewaste recycler.
  • Hackshelves sorting
    • organize hack shelf items back into bins and on to the shelves. Remove items that are less useful to clear more space if needed
  • Organize the components area
    • Sort through the bins on the floor. Determine what is less useful and move to ewaste pile. Leave floor of components area clear.


  • Hazards Staging:
    • Any hazardous materials that are no longer needed or of little use should be put into crates and stacked for removal to the proper facility.
  • Tool collection and reset:
    • Carefully search the space for out of place tools, collect any misplaced tools, put them away
    • Organize tools in workshops and remove any broken dangerous to use tools.
    • Document and Review current tools supply and collection. Make a list of what typical workshop tools we should add/replace and add it to the wiki.
  • Sewing area purge:
    • Remove any less useful scraps, and abandoned projects (Tags >1 months old). Add to Dump Run staging pile. Sort through piles behind Flaschentaschen.
  • Shop purge:
    • Remove less useful scrap materials, keeping only the better scraps that can fit in the shop scrap areas. Add to dump run staging pile.
    • Sort though Fasteners, Chemicals, and Materials.
  • Laser Cutter purge:
    • All laser cutter materials need to be sorted. Old "do not hack" materials need to be reclaimed for the space
  • Purge book scanner storage room
    • Go through piles and boxes and reclaim materials for general use or toss in dump staging.

Fixes and Specific tasks

  • Leaking Sink Drain?
    • There is a piece of wood holding up the drain for the sink. Find out why and see if there is a better solution
  • NB10 Lighting move
    • The lighing and disco ball from NB10 should be moved from Sparkle Forge to the Hackitorium
    • Move #gnar sign to where the #gnar table is now.
    • Fix soldering/wiring to fox lounge sign
  • Various Specific Tasks
    • Put the flimsy white table on the sidewalk
    • Organize NGALAC parts so they do not get damaged
    • Secure the wobbly new lockers by the fabrication area.
    • re mount broom storage

Supplies required or desired

Rags, Towels, Paper Towels,

Cleaning Agents and Health

Information about cleaning agents recommended for use in the space is located at: Cleaning Agents