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Next Cleaning Day

The space needs some cleaning.

On February 2nd and 3rd we are going to do some cleaning in the space. If would like to help clean your local hackerspace, please come on over. We'll make good use of your time, spend some time working with each other. Maybe we can even swing some refreshments.

If you'd like to add to the list of tasks below, please do.

We'll start at 12:00 on the 2nd and at 09:00 on the 3rd (start is earlier on Sunday to load the trash truck). but come anytime you can make time. See you soon!

If you very familiar with a work area in the space, please consider bottom-lining that area. Only people who use an area regularly know what is good, what is trash and how to tell the difference. We need those experienced volunteers to help others know what to do to improve an area. These volunteers experienced in an area are called "bottom-liners", meaning they are willing to be responsible for making sure the area is left in better condition. If you want to be a bottom liner, please publicly claim it in below.

Bottom-liners should be here on saturday and sunday, for at least part of the day. They should develop a vision of what their space should ideally look like, and consider if they need new shelves/drawers/pegboards, etc to accomplish that. If you need organizational hardware, post about it on slack and we can coordinate fundraising for it. Organizational hardware is equipment-fundable. If you can't bottom line the whole time, maybe you can get someone to split days with you. Consult with other people who use an area to develop a plan for this space. This will help us all be on the same page