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At 10 PM and afterwards, if you're the last person with RFID access leaving the space, please follow these lock up procedures.

Lock Up Checklist

Please make sure that


Please ask everyone to finish up hacking and leave the space with you. If someone doesn't want to leave, please inform them after 10 PM that non-24-hour users are not allowed to remain in the space after the last 24-hour access token holder leaves, and that they need to leave with you. If this is a problem for them and they don't want to leave, there is an emergency contact list on the top door so that we can raise an alarm and potentially get some more Members over to you to help close the space. Alternatively, call the local police. We've been operating this people-need-to-leave-after-10pm model since the September 2014 Noisebridge Reboot and this shouldn't be news to anyone at this point.


Elevator room gate

This is the elevator room gate, and it should be locked at the end of the day.

Noisebridge elevator room gate

Fire escape door

This is the fire escape door. It should be closed, and the latch Trent is pointing to should be secure.

Noisebridge fire escape. Trent is pointing to the first latch that must be secured.

Note that to close the door completely, the latch at the bottom of the door must be lifted up. This latch must also be secured.

Noisebridge fire escape bottom latch. This latch must be lifted to close the door all the way, but it should be put back and secured afterwards.

Tea maker

This is the tea maker, and it should be unplugged before the space is locked up.

Noisebridge tea maker

Coffee maker

This is the coffee maker, and it should be unplugged before the space is locked up.

Noisebridge coffee maker


This is the kiln, and it should be unplugged before the space is locked up.

Noisebridge kiln


This is the iron and it should be unplugged. It's usually stored in the sewing area by the thread.

3D printers

These are the two 3D printers, and they should be turned off before the space is locked up. The off switch is on the back bottom left corner.

Noisebridge 3D printers

Hackatorium lights

These are the octopus lights in the hackatorium. Each one has its own off switch.

Noisebridge hackatorium lights

Circuit hacking LED lights

These are the LED lights in the circuit hacking space. When these are turned off (through a switch on the power bars), then the entire power bar is turned off, including any soldering irons plugged in.

Noisebridge circuit hacking LED lights

Surveillance Monitor

Press this button to turn off the monitor.

Noisebridge security monitor

Main door

This is the main door. After the rest of the space has been secured, this should be closed and should lock automatically.

Noisebridge main door