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At 10 PM and afterwards, if you're the last person with 24-hour access leaving the space, please ask everyone to finish up hacking and leave the space with you. If someone doesn't want to leave, please inform them after 10 PM that non-24-hour users are not allowed to remain in the space after the last 24-hour access token holder leaves, and that they need to leave with you. If this is a problem for them and they don't want to leave, please contact (415) 413-0205 so that we can raise an alarm and potentially get some more Members over to you to help close the space. We've been operating this people-need-to-leave-after-10pm model since the Noisebridge Reboot and this shouldn't be news to anyone at this point.

When leaving the space be sure the following are locked:

  • The gate leading to the elevator room
  • The lock at the bottom corner of the window leading to the fire escape
  • The main door into the space at the top of the space
  • All windows shut