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Learning how to lock up is part of becoming a philanthropist or member. If you're the last person with RFID access leaving the space, please follow the lock-up procedures.

Lock Up Checklist for 272[edit]

  • Basically, turn off lights and lock the windows and doors.
  • Close the gate first, then check upstairs, then lock up downstairs back to front.
  • Details are below (useful for reminding yourself/teaching how to close)


  • Automate anything on this list or in Opening and you will win a PRIZE


Initiate closing ![edit]

  • Announce the space is closing 30 & 15 minutes in advance if you can do that, to be nice
  • Ask for help with trash and tidying up
  • Ask everyone to leave except the people helping you close
  • To make closing the downstairs easier later, you can turn on the floor lamp by the fridge

Front Gate[edit]

  • Probably close the gate well before dark, or if fewer than 3 people are in the space
  • Move anything stealable from the front porch to inside
  • Move the folding chairs inside
  • Roll down gate
  • It has 3 states, all the way open, halfway, then closed
  • Closing it can be tricky! Caution!


  • Upstairs windows in front, close and latch
  • Close and lock the electronics room door and window.
  • 2 sets of windows, in back , by bathroom, close all the way (they don't latch)
  • Turn off box fan in windows
  • Turn off the other fan in the back through the power outlet switch.
  • Turn off the music room fan, controlled by light switch.
  • Check the toilets and faucets to make sure they aren't running or dripping.
  • A couple of lights don't have switches - kitchenette light just leave on.
  • LED lighting in hallway turns off by a timer, you can ignore it


  • Back door to patio, close it if 2 or fewer people are at the space. Deadbolt Latch it!
  • Check toilet and faucets downstairs , turn bathroom light off.
  • Turn off back stairway lights
  • Blue door at the back, inner back door. Close and deadbolt latch from inside the main area!
  • Hackitorium, turn off equipment + lights. Computer with jitsi, lights in hackitorium off
  • Turn off equipment and lights in Turing
  • Turn off 3 downstairs lights.
  • * One is behind fridge, One is by the stage, One is by the hack shelves with a rod
  • * Another beside the back door and it may control the front lights all at once.
  • You can leave the floor lamp by the fridge on if you want when you close up, no big deal.

Final door locking[edit]

  • Blue door at front (inner front exit) lock it and then close it.
  • Make sure front door is actually latched as you leave.
  • Make sure the SIDE front emergency exit is all the way shut (just look from outside)
  • Close the front porch barricade and padlock it shut! hurrah


Edit this to be our current Summer 2021 policy

Please ask everyone to finish up hacking and leave the space with you. If someone doesn't want to leave, please inform them after 10 PM that non-24-hour users are not allowed to remain in the space after the last 24-hour access token holder leaves, and that they need to leave with you. If this is a problem for them and they don't want to leave, there is an emergency contact list (IS THERE THOUGH?! - FIXME) so that we can raise an alarm and potentially get some more Members over to you to help close the space. We've been operating this people-need-to-leave-after-10pm model since the September 2014 Noisebridge Reboot and this shouldn't be news to anyone at this point.