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Noisebridge File Sharing

http://cloud.noise is our locally hosted, decentralized, fully open source file sharing network.

It may, or may not, work at any given time.

It is currently only accessible from within the Noisebridge building.

How do I use it?

You can register your own account on the main page, or just login as noisebridge / noisebridge to see how it works. Note these basic accounts are restricted regarding write access until you receive elevated group permissions -- be default any files you add are automatically deleted after 14 days! Use of this service still falls within our one rule: Be Excellent to Each Other!

Can I help admin?

Absolutely, please ask on Slack or around the space for more information.

Is this safe?

In the spirit of Noisebridge, please do not assume this system is anything other than a simple sync service that may or may not work. You are responsible for maintaining backups of your own files. Data loss is your responsibility!