Club Mate

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Club Mate

Ralf (rpw) is currently trying to organize a shipment of Club Mate to San Francisco. He has spoken to Markus Loscher, one of the owners of the Brauerei Loscher which produces Club Mate on 2009-01-30 and confirmed that there is no exclusive deal between 2600 and Loscher that would impede this operation. Labels with "nutritional facts" already exist and can be directly adhered on the bottles by Loscher.

The current ballpark is 200 cases of Club Mate, ETA is mid-April, before CodeCon. A quote for these 200 cases has been asked for.


  • look into FDA approval again. Loscher already has a FDA registration from the last export (to the Last Hope). Another one needed?
  • get quotes on container prices again. they should have dropped significantly from 2008
  • get quotes on container insurance
  • find driver for route from Münchsteinach to Hamburg harbor
  • organize logistics on receiving end
  • figure out taxing on receiving end
  • how do we avoid paying taxes in .de ?