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Club Mate is a not very sweet, dry soda made in Germany. Super popular with the Hacktiirs, its pronounced MAH-TEY! (Cf. Yerba Mate Tea)

Guy Fawkes gets his Mate on
Club Mate stashed at Noisebridge

As of summertime, 2017, Club Mate pallets are regularly stocked at Noisebridge. The suggested donation is $4 for a 500ml bottle.

On about 7-28-09 Mitch ordered a pallet (800 bottles) of Club-Mate from 2600 in New York. It has been delivered for $2,657.20 ($657.20 shipping plus $2,000 for the cost of the beverage)

The plan is to sell it at Noisebridge for $4/bottle. If we sold all of them, that would be about $500 net gain for Noisebridge. W00t.

Would you chip-in to help bring 800 bottles of Club-Mate to Noisebridge?

This is a loan. If we sell enough Club Mate, you will be paid back. If we sell it all, then the rest (after we get paid back) goes to Noisebridge.

  • Mitch - I'd be willing to kick in part of the cost
  • Matt - sign me up to chip in a few hundred to make this happen
  • Lee - I'll put up $200
  • Lamont Lucas - I'd be in for $200 of that cost
  • Brian Ferrell - I'd throw down $20
  • dpc - i'd sponsor a 6 pack's journey if just to try it.
  • ? (you, gentle reader)

2017-08-01 Club Mate is available at Noisebridge.

3-13-14: Club Mate is not available at Noisebridge.

6-21-09: Lee, Mitch and others are currently working on getting a regular supply of Club Mate to Noisebridge. Lee is pursuing importing from Germany.

Ralf (rpw) was trying to organize a shipment of Club Mate to San Francisco. He has spoken to Markus Loscher, one of the owners of the Brauerei Loscher which produces Club Mate on 2009-01-30 and confirmed that there is no exclusive deal between 2600 and Loscher that would impede this operation. Labels with "nutritional facts" already exist and can be directly adhered on the bottles by Loscher.

The current ballpark is 200 cases of Club Mate, ETA is mid-April, before CodeCon. A quote for these 200 cases has been asked for. Apparently the destination port is most likely going to be Oakland and not San Francisco, since the Hamburg Süd port no longer services the Hamburg -> San Francisco route.


  • look into FDA approval again. Loscher already has a FDA registration from the last export (to the Last Hope). Another one needed?
  • get quotes on container prices again. they should have dropped significantly from 2008 it seems to be more recommendable to use an (ocean) freight forwarder.
  • get quotes on container insurance
  • find driver for route from Münchsteinach to Hamburg harbor
  • organize logistics on receiving end
  • figure out taxing/import duty on receiving end:
  • how do we avoid paying taxes in .de ?


"Man gewöhnt sich daran..." Literally, one gets used to it.

It does have some other meanings, You get used to (can) get accustomed to it or in the sense of (suck it up, it'll be ok) you'll get used to it...or you can build up a resistance to it....weird. Strange slogan... --Charlotte 13:53, 21 June 2009 (PDT)