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Bringing the Noisebridge community together to create a better space for all.

The goal of the Community Working Group is to solve problems as a group that we have historically failed to solve as individuals.

For example:

  • keeping the space clean and physically safe.
  • resolving interpersonal conflicts before they become "drama".
  • maintaining commonly used facilities by delegating responsiblity (and making sure to award recognition!)
  • hosting social events that encourage greater connectedness, without putting extra pressure on the space.

Working Group Members




.....need moar members

Philosophy of Operation

As a "fractal" working group:

  • the Community Working Group may spin off subgroups as needed or desired, groups which can expect no "control" from its parent group, but which should probably check in from time to time. The idea should always be to keep the community informally informed of all of the goings-on at Noisebridge.
  • the CWG may change its style of decision-making to whatever works for the group. Experimentation is encouraged. Full consensus should be considered the "default setting".
  • the CWG should use the lessons learned from its operation to make proposals and recommendations to the Noisebridge General Meeting.

Philosophy of Conflict Resolution

We'd like to see people as individuals worthy of continued participation in Noisebridge, even when they make mistakes. We believe that misunderstandings happen, and that no one is perfect. We believe that the vast majority of people have good intentions and really just want to hack!

We also believe that harassment is a serious problem and not to be taken lightly. So while some disagreements may be treated as minor interpersonal misunderstandings, some should be referred out to another group specifically set up to handle harassment. (User:flamsmark is working on this group)

Finally, we agree that certain behaviors -- particularly sleeping in the space and drug use -- can endanger our relationship with our landlord and jeopardize our lease. We hope to be able to refer individuals to local hostels, clinics, and shelters to assist them, rather than having them use Noisebridge as a halfway house or having Noisebridge throw them out.

Working Group Meetings

schedule goes here, also links to meeting notes

Possible CWG Projects

  • making a New Member Packet containing info about processes, participation, etc, and probably stickers or something too
  • refactoring the redshirts role and implementation
  • rainbow grocery's consensus and conflict mediation workshop
  • outreach/help/services for the disadvantaged/dwelling-impaired (THIS IS IMPORTANT, sure we are not a homeless shelter but our structure and openness cause us to be a vector for this demographic. i think it behooves us as an organization and as people to address this in an empathic and controlled manner.)
  • ensuring clean/safe facilities (bathrooms, basically, but maybe kitchen -- depends on strength of the KitchenWorkingGroup)

Possible CWG Scenarios

  • hosting a dialog between people who think the kitchen promotes the use of Noisebridge as a homeless shelter versus people who use the kitchen responsibly.
    • thinking about the kitchen existing at all: if we minimize the "dishes and pots" aspect of the kitchen, and set it up to facilitate hacking type stuff like molecular gastronomy, and add a dishwasher, it could get better.
  • addressing problematic behavior on the part of individuals and considering whether they should be referred to a separate mediation/harassment group.

Maybe (but maybe not):

NOT in the CWG's purview