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This page exists to to provide an insight into our shifting morass of community standards. These principles and standards are not the Consensus of Noisebridge, and anyone can edit this page at any time. Hopefully, the community can ensure that this page continues to reflect what we think.

The only hard and fast rule of Noisebridge is be excellent to each other. Everything else is dicta.


  • Noisebridge is a place for hacking, hackers, and learning to hack.
  • Noisebridge operates by do-ocracy and consensus.
  • The Noisebridge Vision describes what we are for, and what we are about.


  • If you disagree with your fellow hacker it would be excellent to work out your differences with them.
  • If you cannot work out your differences one-on-one, it would be excellent to work out your differences through mediation.

Entrance and Membership

  • You do not need to be a member to hack at Noisebridge or participate in the community here.
  • It is not excellent to admit someone to Noisebridge unless you are willing to take responsibility for their actions here.
  • It is not excellent to use the resources of Noisebridge unless you are hacking or trying to actively participate in the community

Conflict and Emergency

  • It is excellent to do-ocratically remove someone who is disrupting Noisebridge, or dangerous.
    • If you remove someone like this, you should email noisebridge-discuss, and edit 85.
    • If someone is removed from the space like this, they shouldn't return to the space except to work out the issue that resulted in their removal, either through mediation, or at a weekly meeting.

Do Not Want