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Please explore and add-to a list of project concepts.

Sign your name or add contact info so interested parties can offer support!


e-ink display

Get our hands on as many October '08 Esquire e-ink magazine covers as possible and rewire them into tiles of one big low-power display. (PY's idea originally. -elgreengeeto ). Or, alternatively, just try to get some e-ink bulk from China and make an even cooler low-power display.

Transit status information

I've written something that uses [1] together with Festival to give announcements about BART trains approaching 16th Street. I intend on setting this up with a cron job to run around the time of the scheduled last trains every night (and maybe the first train in the morning if we think people may frequently stay until around 4:00 a.m.!), using the music server once it's stable. To avoid annoying people this should probably not be configured to make regular announcements at other times. Two extensions to make this more useful: (1) if we can get or make a USB-to-buttons/switches or parallel-port-to-buttons/switches adapter, we can have a big button somewhere that causes an announcement to occur (for use when people are thinking of catching BART and want to know when it's coming). (2) If we can get a big scrolling LED sign with computer control, we can have it constantly display train status -- as well as Muni bus announcements with data from NextBus, perhaps using a library to get it. Schoen 23:30, 9 October 2008 (PDT)

T-shirt printer

I'm still looking into the best way to do it, but some sort of t-shirt printer would be fun and useful. Seems that direct to cloth ink-jet techniques don't look as good as silk screening, but old-fashioned silk-screen is hella old-fashioned. Maybe some way to achieve silk screening results but with only limited human-interference? I'm thinking that proceeds from über-fashionable Noisebridge t-shirt sales would eventually off-set costs of this project. elgreengeeto 16:32, 10 October 2008 (PDT)


RepRaps are a kind of homemade 3D printers capable of self-replicating, as well as being used for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. There is interest in constructing a RepRap at NoiseBridge. At least Orph and Adi are interested in constructing one.