Conference Area

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An open conference area occupies the central area of our building layout. The conference area contains three long tables and chairs necessary to accomodate approximately 24 people. The tables may be moved to accomodate more chairs and more people.

The conference area has a ceiling-mounted video projector on one side and a remote-controlled drop-down projector screen on the opposite side. We also have two large speakers located File:Schematic.jpg File:Io3.jpg File:Unity101LavaTriggerScript.jpg File:FaygoFacts.png File:UNsound0.jpgon either side of the projector screen. There is an audio receiver, mediacenter computer, and multiple audio/video inputs along the side of the conference area for connecting a laptop or other a/v equipment to our projector and audio receiver. Video inputs include HDMI, VGA, and DVI.