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Chaos Communication Congress[edit]

CCC is a yearly meeting in Germany. The meeting is currently being held at the CCH in Hamburg, Germany.

Noisebridge at CCC[edit]

   Noisebridge has been attending regularly for many years.
   * 27C3
   * 28C3
   * 29C3 (no page was created)
   * 30C3

Travel Information[edit]

A couple of things to note about travel around CCC.

Both December 25 (Christmas) and 26 (Boxing Day) are holidays in Germany. This means many stores and services will be closed. There will be no grocery stores or other shops open for both of these days. Also many restaurants will be closed. Make sure you plan accordingly.

New years is a great time to be in Germany. This is the only time during the year that Germans are allowed to purchase and use fireworks, so things get pretty crazy.

SIM cards[edit]

Being in Germany, you will likely want to get a local SIM card (if you have GSM or LTE phones).

Pre-Paid SIM cards are easy to get, and come with a variety of data, voice, and messaging plans.

They will want your passport, and sometimes a local German address. Many people use the Congress hotel's address. is a great brand, you can get SIM cards from Media Mart. They offer data, more details to come. O2 also offers SIM cards. The usual price is 15 EUR for the SIM, and then you can activate a 1G data pack for 15 EUR.

Additionally keep in mind that most larger stores will be closed on Sundays.

local .DE 3G SIM cards can be pre-arranged.