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(We agreed to ban Lee.)
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| [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]]
| [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]]
| 2014-02-18 (discussed? not in meeting notes)
| 2014-02-18
| [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]]
| [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]]
| Ban Lee Sonko
| Ban Lee Sonko

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This page acts as a record of consensus decisions, both for measures approved and blocked.

The Current Consensus Items page is the public record of consensus items to be decided on.

Date               Proposed by Wording Decision Author of this Record
2014-02-18 Robin Ban Pidgeon -- Pidgeon is unwelcome at Noisebridge. They are prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Deferred in favor of a six-week do-ocratic ban agreed between Ron and [[Pigeon: Tom
2014-02-18 Tom Ban Lee Sonko Pull request Tom
2014-02-04 Tom Git repo for policy -- The canonical location for Noisebridge policies and processes shall be a git repository. The canonical process to modify these policies and processes shall be the merging of a proposed changed version. The desicion to merge a patch shall be made by Noisebridge's consensus process. The most recent version of all such policies and procedures shall also be posted at an appropriate page on the Noisebridge wiki. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to operate and maintain this system. Consensed Tom
2014-02-04 Tom Lowenthal Membership renaming -- Renaming the category “Noisebridge Members” to the “Noisebridge Council”, and renaming the category “Associate Members” to “Noisebridge Members”. This change extends not only to our operations, but also to our bylaws, so that the effect is only a change of name but does not change the rights or privileges of any person or category of people. Consensed Tom Lowenthal
2014-02-04 Tom No changes to consensus proposals -- Proposals shall only be elegible to reach consensus in a weekly meeting in the exact form that they were agreed at a previous weekly meeting. Items shall not be elegible for consensus unless they were recorded on the Current Consensus Items page on the Noisebridge wiki before 24 hours have passed after the end of the weekly meeting in which they were proposed. If a proposal is modified at a weekly meeting, it shall not be elegible for consensus at that meeting. Consensed Tom
2014-01-21 Al "Noisebridge will pay a service to recharge all the fire extinguishers in the space and/or purchase new fire extinguishers, and buy smoke/CO detectors for the space. We will need about a dozen working fire extinguishers for the space. NB will also allocate $200.00 per year, with an initial cost not to exceed $300.00 initial cost." Consensed Jarrod
2014-01-07 Tom Adopt the draft anti-harassment policy in its current form in the git repo. Consensus Tom
2013-12-10 Tom It is the responsibility of all users of Noisebridge (guests, Members, and Associate Members) to contribute to Noisebridge as they are able. An individual's contribution should be proportionate with that person's use of Noisebridge and its resources. A reasonable monetary contribution from a member or associate member may be $80 per month, but it is each person's responsibility to determine what contribution is reasonable for them. Consensus Tom
2013-12-17 Danny O'Brien That the Tuesday Meeting be streamed in audio when possible, with the aim of encouraging online involvement. By the consensus of those present, the meeting may be limited to those in the space for privacy reasons. The responsibility for streaming will be that of the secretary. Consensus Tom
2014-01-07 Danny O'Brien That the Tuesday Meeting be moved to 7pm, to limit fatigue and encourage new attendees. Consensed Al
2013-11-26 Al Sweigart The "optional member dues" change to the 2013-10-15 "Associates Member" consensus item is a large enough change that discussion of the consensus item should have been extended so that members not in attendance could debate it. This consensus item invalidates the 2013-10-15 consensus item so that this discussion can take place and the membership can come to a consensus/block it. Blocked Al Sweigart
2013-11-12 Tom If a paper membership application has been in the binder for more than twelve weeks, that application should be discarded. If that person still wants to become a member, they must start the application process over from scratch. So say we all Tom
2013-11-12 Consenso If a member has not identified themself as such by adding the Category:Members to their wiki user page by $DATE, they shall no longer be a member of Noisebridge. Both Jakes object Tom
2013-11-12 Tom It shall not a secret whether a person is a Member of Noisebridge. It shall be the responsibility of each member to identify themself as a member by adding the Category:Members to their wiki user page. Until a Member so identifies, they shall not be entitled to any privilege of Noisebridge Membership. Likewise, if a member is on Membership/Hiatus, they must indicate this by adding the Category:Hiatus to their wiki user page; this method of so identifying shall replace any other notification requirement for going on and coming off hiatus. Although it shall generally be a responsibility shared by all members to ensure that this category of identification is used correctly, in cases where its use is disputed, Noisebridge's secretary shall be the final arbiter. So say we all Tom
2013-11-12 JC It should be possible to secure Noisebridge when not in use. Noisebridge should be secured when not in use. All Noisebridge Members and Associate Members should have access to Noisebridge. So say we all Tom
2013-11-05 Leif Revoke the previous two members-only consensus items are return Noisebridge to being a place where people are welcome to do excellent things without asking for permission from anyone. Blocked Jarrod
2013-11-05 Justin I officially propose that any large policy changes at Noisebridge or in Noisebridge policies require at least 10 members or 50 percent of the members (whichever is smaller) to be present at the meeting that decides it. Blocked Jarrod
2013-10-15 Jake There shall be a new tier of membership, called an Associate Member. An associate member shall have all the rights and privileges of membership except that an associate member shall not be entitled to full participation in the consensus process. The process for becoming an associate member shall be the same as the process for becoming a member, except that four sponsors shall be required instead of two, and that it shall not require the consensus of Noisebridge for a person to become an associate member, but that the consensus of Noisebridge may reject an application for a person to become an associate member.

Noisebridge's space shall be open only to members and associate members at any time. A member or associate member may at any time invite a person into Noisebridge and host that person at Noisebridge as long as that member or associate member remains at Noisebridge. No other person shall be permitted at Noisebridge at any other time.

Neither members nor associate members shall be required to pay membership dues as a condition of such membership.

Consensed Tom
2013-10-22 Monad Banning Pigeon OR Jake's amendment that Pigon stay away from Noisebridge for 2 months Sent to Mediation Jarrod
2013-10-22 Jake No Noisebridge member shall be entitled to full participation in the consensus process around a proposal to suspend that person's membership. If a member has been suspended, they shall no longer be considered a member of Noisebridge for any purpose, including but not limited to, full participation in the consensus process. Language updated via consensus on 2013 11 05 Consensed Tom
2013-10-01 Rachel1.0 "Adam (Joseph Adam Moore) is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community." Consensed Rachel1.0
2013-09-17 Hannah Adopt an anti-harassment policy, and post it on the wiki and a place of prominence in the space; this policy is in a trial period until the THIRD WEEK OF JANUARY 2014, at which point it should be put up for consensus again to extend it / make it permanent:

"Noisebridge is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of people at our events or space in any form. Sexual language and imagery should be only be used for positive purposes in accordance with best practices advocated by professional sex educators (if you’re not sure what those are, don’t do it). People violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the space or the event at the discretion of any Noisebridge member.

Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. People asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately."

Consensed Snail
2013-09-17 Norman Assign Norman as an "radio officer" to obtain an FRN from the FCC. Consensed Snail
2013-09-10 SuperQ Noisebridge should not renew our lease when it expires. Noisebridge should also seek to exit the lease as soon as possible. Blocked Jarrod
2013-09-10 Adam Harvey is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Consensed Jarrod
2013-09-10 Ryan Chris aka Raging Bull should be banned permanently from the space after physically assaulting a member of the Noisebridge community. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community.. Consensed Jarrod
2013-09-10 Cynthia People should have to reveal financial conflicts of intrest during community discussion. Not Consensed Jarrod
2013-09-10 Pidgeon Ban Dru from Noisebridge until there can be a confirmation that he does not jeopardize Noisebridge as a safespace Blocked Jarrod
27-August-2013 Rayc Robert proposes a person must have at least a minimum of one active project to be at Noisebridge Retracted Jarrod
13-August-2013 Monad The cost of dump runs be automatically payed. A minimum of 2 members must approve and a total of 4 or more people must be involved. Not to exceed $200.00 in a month and a receipt must be provided to the treasurer. Consensed Jarrod
13-August-2013 Johny Radio To change to meeting discussion process by giving the current speaker opportunity to make direct response to direct responses directed at themself at the discretion of the moderator by way of an agreed upon signal Not Consensed Jarrod
13-August-2013 James Reimburse Monad ($63) for dump-run, and reimburse James ($81) for kitchen supplies from Discount Builders. Consensed
30-July-2013 Martin Brandon is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Consensed Danny
23-July-2013 Cynthia Noisebridge disallow use of poisons to control insects and other animals in favor of using diatomaceous earths and other materials benign to large animals for a period of time no less than four months, and if results are favorable, for continued sets of four months with reviews comparing with measurements to be taken this month of July 2013. Not Consensed Jarrod
23-July-2013 Unlisted "Mark ${cheesecake incident} O' Neil is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Consensed Jarrod
23-July-2013 Monad From now until October 1, if any person at Noisebridge requests that any non-service animal leave Noisebridge, the human responsible for that animal should remove it from the space immediately. Consensed Jarrod
23-July-2013 Leif Michael "Occupirate" Clift is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Consensed Jarrod
9-July-2013 Leif Michael "Occupirate" Clift is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Approved, Cautiously Jarrod
9-July-2013 Jake Noisebridge pay back the landlord for the cost of Tony's escape, and not to even consider re-admitting Tony until he pays us back for that. Approved Jarrod
9-July-2013 Tom Tony Longshanks LeTigre is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Approved Jarrod
9-July-2013 Jake The door button at the top of the stairs shall be replaced with a numeric keypad. Only those with valid codes can remotely open the door. This change shall be extensively communicated before it is implemented. This change will be implemented for two months, and in two months will be up for permanent consensus. Approved Jarrod
4-June-2013 Mitch Purchase 133 more Noisebridge T-shirts for $989.29 from Eastbay Screen Print.
Purchase 3,000 small and 3000 large Noisebridge stickers for $775.08 from StickerGiant.
Approved Jarrod
2013-05-28 Casey That Scud and Chrissy are are barred from Noisebridge. They are prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Approved Dan F
2013-04-16 Kevin The treasurer SHOULD open a checking account for Noisebridge at a local credit union, possibly the San Francisco Fire Credit Union, and begin using it as Noisebridge's primary bank account. The current Wells Fargo account should be deprecated and eventually canceled when it is no longer in use. Approved Leif
2013-03-12 Tom We recommend to the board that they select Danny to be Treasurer, Tom to be Secretary, and Snail to be President for 2013. Approved Ken
2013-03-19 Tom We will reimburse Mitch up to $1000 to replenish our t-shirt supply. Approved Snail
2013-03-19 Tom Shawn Landden (photo) is barred from Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. (Here is some context and here is more context.) Approved Snail
2013-01-29 So say we all We have agreed the slate for the 2013 board elections. Approved Tom
2013-01-29 Danny It is the consensus of Noisebridge that Danny send the DreamworksReply on Noisebridge's behalf. Approved Tom
2013-01-29 Leif It is the consensus of Noisebridge that Ping is authorised to send FOIA requests on behalf of Noisebridge for records related to Noisebridge. Approved Tom
2012-11-20 Danny Noisebridge officially joins the Open Wireless Movement Approved Tom
2012-11-06 Tom Noisebridge renews its lease on the 2169 Mission space, increasing our rent from $3600 to $3960. Approved Tom
2012-10-30 Martin I would like Noisebridge to purchase six units of Gorilla racks ($1200-$1800) to be membership shelves. Rejected in lieu of private collection. Tom
2012-10-16 Danny Tom Lowenthal should replace Danny as the secretary of Noisebridge Approved Leif
2012-07-31 Malaclyps It is consensus of Noisebridge that grant specified at Grants/tf2012 be accepted, and the money be used exclusively for paying operating expenses. Approved Malaclyps
2012-07-24 That Snail should be President of Noisebridge Approved Malaclyps
2012-06-19 MCT and Leif Noisebridge should extend the authorization of the Noisetor project indefinitely. Approved MCT
2012-06-12 Kelly Authorize Treasurer to grant Power of Attorney to the Noisebridge accountant for tax purposes Approved MCT
2012-06-05 (Meeting wording) Rob 2.0 (aka Dank) is barred from Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community. Approved Danny
2012-05-22 Will That we extend the cleaning contract with Skyline Building Care for another six months. They come by at the end of each month, it costs $145 each month. Approved Will
2012-03-27 Kelly The treasurer is permitted to spend the money required to accept payments with anything other than PayPal, incorporating an initial startup fee not to exceed $400, followed by a monthly fee not to exceed $100. Approved Danny
2012-03-12 Miloh Request for up to $300.00 of Noisebridge funds to improve the electronics area infrastructure. Up to $300.00 would be allocated for the cost of material needed to build a 4th electronics bench, an equipment hutch for the bench, and a storage cabinet for the electronics tools at Noisebridge. Any direct donations to support this project would reduce the amount used from Noisebridge funds by an equal amount. Approved Danny
2012-03-06 SuperQ That Noisebridge reimburse Mr SuperQ for the remainder of the cost of the wire trays, after donations this week. (Wire trays cost $930, donations so far $100) Approved Will
2012-03-06 Mitch That Noisebridge reimburse Mitch for 6,000 Noisebridge stickers that he bought and paid for from Sticker Giant. 3,000 small Noisebridge stickers: $333.91 + 3,000 large Noisebridge stickers: $421.17 + shipping: $20 -- Total: $775.08 Approved Will
2012-02-14 Policy Wonks Adopt the Policy Wonks' proposed [codification of our consensus practices]. Approved Tom
2012-02-14 Policy Wonks Adopt the Policy Wonks' proposed [revisions to Hiatus]. Approved Tom
2012-01-31 Shannon That Noisebridge reimburse Mr Shannon for the remainder of the cost of $100 of new keys, after donations this week. Withdrawn after $100 donations were procured. Danny
2012-01-17 Policy Wonks Adopting the Policy Wonks' suggestion for membership expiry Approved Leif
2012-01-17 Policy Wonks Adopting the Policy Wonks' suggested clarification of the membership application process Approved Leif
2012-01-17 Policy Wonks Adopting the Policy Wonks' suggestions for how to be a Noisebridge member Approved Leif
2012-01-17 Leif Noisebridge should use the approval voting process for Board elections. Approved Leif
2012-01-17 Leif In the case of a tie between the election of Noisebridge board candidates, we will use a Roshambo tournament between said parties to decide. Approved Leif
2012-01-17 MCT Now that Noisetor has undergone a trial period of operation, Noisebridge should extend the authorization of the Noisetor project for another six months. Approved MCT
2012-01-17 Tom Matching funds for Noisetor donations should go to Noisetor. Approved MCT

2011-11-22 WSargent "Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a continuing period of three months at a rate of $145 per month; additionally, Rob will do a bi-weekly declutter, coordinated with the arrival of the cleaning people, with lunch paid for by Rubin at a rate of $20 per session; additionally, Ben will clean at the opposite end of the monthly cycle from the cleaners, again coordinating with Rob." Approved Danny
2011-10-11 SuperQ "To spend an amount not to exceed $1000 net after rebate, on a $2000 float to pay a contractor to install more efficient lighting throughout Noisebridge" Approved Danny
2011-10-11 Consensus Be it the consensus of Noisebridge that the issue of banning Rob 2.0 (a.k.a. Dank) be deferred until either he or his advocate Mitch or Kelly, gives fair notice and attends a meeting. Until that time he is unwelcome at Noisebridge. Approved Tom
2011-09-13 Leif "Noisebridge shall order and pay $1500 for t-shirts." Approved Danny
2011-08-02 Andy For a trial period of six months, Noisebridge should sponsor an official project to provide Tor nodes, and accept donations earmarked for that purpose. (Noisebridge Tor Project writeup at the time of consensus) Approved MCT
2011-06-28 Danny That Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a trial period of three months, to a maximum of $160 per month. Approved Danny
2011-05-31 Kelly That NB Make Eric Steinburg A Member Approved User:wsargent
2011-05-17 Shannon That NB make Danny O'B secretary Approved Danny
2011-04-05 Mitch Shall Noisebridge order and pay for 50 or 100 or 200 T-shirts to arrive before the San Francisco Maker Faire 21-May-2011? Approved - 200 Ben
2011-03-01 Al Sweigart To bar Patrick Keys (CitizenKeys) from entering the space and participating in the community. Approved Danny
2011-02-08 Mitch Mitch to spend $775 plus shipping on Noisebridge stickers. Approved Seth
2010-01-05 andy We should consense on what software to use, and the finer points of which form of condorcet to use. We decided to use the code that andy wrote. danny
2011-01-11 jof Nominations are open right now. Any regular member in good standing

may put a name forward for nomination for a spot on next year's board. If you fit this criteria and would like to make a nomination, please enter it on this wiki page ( https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Board_Nominations_2011 ) along with your name, pseudonym, or wiki signature. - If you're not comfortable using the wiki, I will offer my self up as a proxy that you can contact to have your nomination listed on there. Please email ( jof@thejof.com ) or IM ( jabber: jof@thejof.com ) me with what you'd like listed. My GPG key is 0x8F8CAD3D

- Nominations will be open until 23:59 on Thursday, December 23rd 2010.

- After the list of candidates is finalized on the 23rd, we'll have some time to mull over our decision and talk with our peers about who's been nominated. Vote submission may also begin at this time.

- Any regular, dues-paying member in good standing may vote.

- Again, I'm willing to act as a proxy for vote submission.

- The mulling-it-over / early voting period ends on Tuesday, January 18th 2011

- On January 18th, 2011, voting will commence after our regular membership meeting. At this time, any remaining votes can be received. Closer to this date, I'll pick a deadline time for vote submission.

- After all the votes have been received, I will tally the votes and announce who has won.

- Ballots should be made in a ranked list of desired candidates. This ranked list will be tallied using the Condorcet method (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condorcet_method )

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Otherwise, please nominate whom you wish.

Approved Al Sweigart
2010-10-06 Hephaestus Proposition to ban Rubin Abdi from Noisebridge and all related services. Blocked Hephaestus
2010-10-12 Dr. Jesus Proposition to ban Sai from communicating with the press on matters regarding Noisebridge. Blocked Dr. Jesus