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Much of Noisebridge's communication goes on within its many public mailing lists. We encourage you to subscribe to our Announcements list as well as our more heavily-trafficked Discussion list.

For more specific areas, join the mailing lists below. Add 'at' to the word after the colon below to email everyone on those lists (your email may be delayed if you're not already a subscriber to the list). Note for tracking purposes that any and all messages sent to these addresses will be publicly archived at

  • Physical infrastructure at the space: build
  • Network, server, or mailing list issues: rack
  • Sewing/Crafting area: sewing
  • Fabrication devices (3D printers, RepRap, laser cutter, etc) : fab
  • Noisebridge board: board; list of Noisebridge's Board and Officers

Add an 'at' to these email addresses to contact:

  • For publicizing events, communications advice, or to be redirected to someone else: secretary
  • For donation receipts, questions about donations, membership dues, and info about Noisebridge monetary matters: treasurer
  • For press queries, please see our Press Kit and then mail: press
  • For requests to remove content from the site, DMCA, legal compliance: legal-demands

Yes, there is a payphone at the space; no it doesn't work. Feel free to fix it.