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Notes From Cooking Class 09/11/2010

Dishes prepared:

Rypl, Milk Soup, Meshed winter Squash, Pasta with mushrooms and green peas

Milk Soup – Vegetarian (Czech Republic)


1/2 gl of a whole milk

1/2 c of noodles

2 TB of salt

Cookware needed:



- transfer milk to the pot on the stove

- add salt

- start bring to boil slowly mixing once per 2-3 minutes

- in the meanwhile transfer 1/2 Qt of water to the pot and bring to boil for approx. 3-4 minutes

- strain the noodles

- add 1 TB of salt to the water and add the noodles

- once boiling switch off

Pasta with mushrooms and green peas - Noisebridge


2 lb of pasta

1 c of green pea

1 c of mushrooms

3 TB of salt

2 TB of olive oil

2 TB nutritional yeast (optional)

Cookware needed:


frying pan


- transfer 1 c of water to the pot and add 1 c of the green pea

- add 1 TB of salt and bring to boil

- keep boiling for 10 minutes

- strain the peas and keep on a side

- dice the mushrooms on 1/4"

- transfer 2 TB of olive oil to the cooking pan and heat it up

- add the mushrooms to the oil and fry slowly

- once glassy add salt and spices as preferred (paprika, black pepper and garlic)

- fry for 5-10 minutes

- remove from the stove and keep on a side

- transfer 1 Qt of water to the pot, add salt (> 4 TB) and bring to boil

- add pasta and boil until soft

- strain the pasta and mix them with the green pea and the mushrooms

- add the flavors as desired (nutritional yeast, garlic, olive oil and sweet chilly sauce)

- serve as pasta on a plate

Meshed winter Squash – Vegan (Czech Republic)


6 c of winter squash, cubed 1/2" cubed and pealed

4 TB of butter

4 tb of minced garlic

salt to taste

4 TB of oil

2 TB of fresh chopped parsley

Cookware needed:

baking pan


- Toss squash with oil and salt

- spread on the pan and cook for about an 1 h at 350 °F

- Mesh with garlic, butter and parsley



Flavors – hibiscus (non caffeine) kombucha and gunpowder kombucha.

Honey Coolers

Flavors - honey cooler (base)

Food and beverages prepared by Benny, Lilia, Mike, Doug, Frantisek, and posted again by Benny.

Thanks to all for coming it was really nice evening!