Creme Brulee

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It's a workshop! it's on the 20th of December! Perfect for christmas and impressing that family that never forgave you for getting into nouveaux California cuisine.

Day one: to arbitrarily pick a time let's say 2pm. We'll cover infusing, straining, blending, baking and so on, working in batches. I will also subject you to some of my philosophy of cooking and probably demo some truffle making, including a water ganache. There will be additives for a second batch if you want to learn flavors.

Day two: burn, motherfucker, burn. Where motherfucker = an evenly applied layer of white sugar.

There will be a materials charge, I haven't figured out exactly how much. Trying to see what I can get minimize that.

There will be a cap between 6 and 10 people. Possibly closer to 6. it's a small oven.