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! Summary
! Summary
! Author of this Record
! Author of this Record
| never
| @beka
| NB Should Get a Credit Card
| Because Noisebridge is applying for a mortgage in the nearish future, and b/c we have basically no credit history, Noisebridge would benefit from having a credit card to build credit history. It would also make various reimbursement and purchase processes smoother. Therefore, Noisebridge will acquire a credit card, and precisely which one will be determined by little-c consensus. The treasurer shall be responsible for the final signup process.
| @beka
| July 31, 2018
| @mcscope
| Discretionary fund
|Noisebridge shall establish a Discretionary Fund in order to reimburse people for small purchases that help the space.
Guidelines for the discretionary fund
*  Spend it like it's your own money (as judiciously as you would spend your own money)
*  On things that the space needs to be clean, organized, smoothly operating, safe, etc
Examples of things that would be appropriate for the discretionary fund:
*  toilet paper,
*  broom,
*  shelves/drawers,
*  exterminator
*  new bulb for projector,
*  low-cost useful tools,
*  reasonable consumables
Examples of things that may not be appropriate:
*  Brand new pieces of machinery that cost several hundred dollars
*  Items to support an individual person project
Since this inherently involves judgement calls, there should be a discretionary fund working group that shall use little-c consensus to decide if a given expense should be reimbursed.
The discretionary fund shall start with a value of 1000$ immedately, and shall recieve an additional 500$ on the first of each month from the general fund.
| @mcscope

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