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This is a page for hosting consensus items currently under debate, with their formal wording.

The Consensus Items History is the public record of consensus items that have been decided on in the past. Please move the records from the "Current" page to the "History" page once they've been approved/blocked.

Date First Discussed Proposed By Wording Author of this Record
2012-10-09 Reverend Myk Myk has concerns with RAYC's behavior in the space, and would like to ask him to be somewhere else for a while. Tom
2012-10-09 Zak Zak proposes a ban on the illegal use of drugs in Noisebridge. Tom
2012-10-09 RAYC RAYC proposes prohibiting bringing alcohol into the space, pursuant to certain guidelines (EX: only on Fridays). RAYC intends to add such guidelines here. Tom