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This is a page for hosting consensus items currently under debate, with their formal wording.

The Consensus Items History is the public record of consensus items that have been decided on in the past. Please move the records from the "Current" page to the "History" page once they've been approved/blocked.

Date First Discussed Proposed By Informal Title Summary and pull request. Author of this Record
2014-02-25 John RAYC Temporary ban for 6 Months. RAYC is instructed to take a break from NB. Therefore he is prohibited from entering the physical building of 2169 Mission st. for 6 Months. John
2014-02-25 Tom House rules Pull request. Highlights:
  • We have a thing about telling people to leave.
  • Noisebridge is your hackerspace, not your home.
  • The basement, roof and fire escape are out of bounds.
2014-02-25 Tom Ban Josh Pull request. Tom
2014-02-18 N0_Hat Ban kyle, johnny, kara Ban kyle, johnny, kara from the space for reoccurring pattern of abusive behavior. N0_Hat
2014-02-18 N0_Hat Ban Robin Ban Robin from the space for reoccurring pattern of abusive behavior. pull request N0_Hat
2014-02-18 Tom Publish member list in our policies git repo. Github issue Tom
2014-02-11 General Ban RAYC Pull request. Tom
2014-02-11 General Creation of Troll Bridge [Lets be NSA Magicians] Tom