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This is a page for hosting consensus items currently under debate, with their formal wording.

Is your consensus item still drafty, in need of much revision, and not something that you think people already can more or less agree with? Perhaps it belongs on the Draft Consensus Items page, instead?

The Consensus Items History is the public record of consensus items that have been decided on in the past. Please move the records from the "Current" page to the "History" page once they've been approved/blocked.

Date First Discussed Proposed By Informal Title Summary Author of this Record
fill me in thank you
09/10/19 Ryan Sternlicht Purchace new Laser Tube
  • Our laser cutter is broken, we need a new tube
  • a new tube costs around 1400 dollars, should we spend noisebridge money to buy a new tube
  • we use the machine a lot, and we should discuss if we want the 100 watt or 150 watt tube replacment
  • I think we should decide and then approve the purchase of a new laser tube.
Ryan Sternlicht