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This is a page for hosting consensus items currently under debate, with their formal wording.

Is your consensus item still drafty, in need of much revision, and not something that you think people already can more or less agree with? Perhaps it belongs on the Draft Consensus Items page, instead?

The Consensus Items History is the public record of consensus items that have been decided on in the past. Please move the records from the "Current" page to the "History" page once they've been approved/blocked.

Date First Discussed XX Month, Year Proposed By User Informal Title Summary Author of this Record User
May 10, 2022 Mwillson COVID-19 vaccination requirement; honor system preferred Until explicitly undone by fresh Consensus:

When taking appropriate responsibility for introducing a new person into the physical space, it is expected that vaccination status may be explicitly discussed (briefly and respectfully) to communicate the clear Consensus of Noisebridge that for safety of all participants, people not currently vaccinated against COVID-19 may not be permitted to come inside without good reason for any exception.

Respecting preference for anonymity and discouraging pointless "papers please" scenarios should generally preclude checking vaccine cards and especially any associated demands for identification without good reason for any exception (such as special events or legal requirements).