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Today (5/10/2011) I've filled up the water bath (polystyrene) container with tab water and added the aquarium heater (200 w). I let it adjust to the temperature of the water to avoid rupture of the glass enclosure and switched it on, set on 30°C. I've moved our [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/091_Brew_Masters_workshop_3/10/2011 current experiment] to the water bath and checked within two hours making sure that the temperature of the water bath is appropriate (by my hand, no thermometer available).
I plan to make the timer work within a day or two but I'll need hand with that because it doesn't have very intuitive interface.
Below is the short gallery of how did I set it up.
<gallery widths=190px perrow=3 caption="Experimental incubator is on">
File:Heater_timer_experimental_incubator_05102011.jpg|Heater, timer and extension lead.
File:Timer_heater_connected_experimental_incubator_fa05102011.jpg|Heater and timer connected.
File:Water_bath_experimental_incubator_fa05102011.jpg|Polystyren water-bath.
File:Brew_in_experimental_incubator_fa05102011.jpg|Brew is in the incubator.
File:Whole_brewing_corner_experimental_incubator_fa05102011.jpg|Whole brewing corner set up.
File:Experimental_incubator_3d_06102011_front.gif|The front of the 3D model of experimental incubator.
File:Experimental_incubator_3d_06102011_top.gif|The top/side view of the 3D model of experimental incubator.

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