DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge

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What is the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge?[edit]

The DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge is an annual contest, launched in 2006, that allows for public competition to solve many challenging forensic issues. Each team is given a window of approximately eight months to determine solutions to as many of the issues as possible. The total solutions and efforts are graded to determine the winning entry. The winning team is awarded with a paid trip to the Defense Cyber Crime Conference.

The 2009 Challenge, currently underway, is being co-sponsored by SANS.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

How do I participate?[edit]

A few Noisebridge members are currently participating in this challenge. If you are interested in participating, feel free to contact any of the following members:

Where do I find out more information?[edit]

The files that pertain to this project can be obtained by contacting either of the above members, or on pony (only while at Noisebridge).

Additionally, we have a private wiki and mailing list available to those participating. We can give anyone access, but the intent is to prevent the information we post from being found by other groups working on the competition.