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GELcore aka GE Lighting aka current powered by GE model of traffic signal light designated DR6. This is documentation of units pulled from roughly a decade of active service.

As of 2013 GE offers it's 14th version of it's LED based light bosting over 6,000,000 sold world-wide

These were previously developed to conform to NEMA TS-2-1992, or the second revision of teh "Traffic Control" standard "TS-1", "TS-2" has since been updated, and super-seeded.

Inside of dismantled green arrow unit https://photos.app.goo.gl/PPONnfMPILU6VcAV2

Under the hood there is quite a bit of circuitry given that this is a "dumb light" controlled externally by being flipped on and off. This is at the least a complex constant current supply with a fairly high power factor. Later models include compensation for continuous brightness after years of use and environmental monitoring and compensation features.