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Basic Instructions

  1. In complete darkness, roll your film into a tank.
  2. Turn on safelight or house lights, as your paranoia permits.
  3. Rinse film by filling tank with water a couple times.
  4. Measure out developer according to chart A and bring it to a given temperature, and measure out stop solution.
  5. Add developer to tank and agitate it for a given amount of time, also according to chart A.
  6. Pour developer down drain or into a separate jug according to reusability of product.
  7. Add stop solution to tank. Rinse, agitate or soak for 30 sec - 2 min, according to your philosophy.
  8. Pour stop bath back into original jug. (we will have to periodically make a fresh stop bath)
  9. Rinse step with plain water. (at this point you can take your time and expose the film to light if you need to)
  10. Measure and add fixer.
  11. Return fixer to fix jug. (again, periodic refreshment of jug contents is necessary)
  12. Rinse step. Add water to tank and agitate gently. Here's the important part:
  13. Pour water from fix rinse into Special Disposal Jug.
  14. Hypo or Flo or unicorn semen or whatever you use to cleanse and protect your film.
  15. Drying and praying against the anti-dust gods.
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