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Hey folks, we are missing just a couple items to be able to do E6 color development by hand using the chems Eric donated. This is a full 6 bath E6 kit (as opposed to E6 Rapid). It's going to be awesome! And difficult! Join the party! Once we have this gear, we will also be able to process color negative film using C41 kits, but the current project underway is E6.

I have amazon prime, so I can get some of this stuff with free shipping. You can paypal me donations; email for address. I will buy the gear when we get close to the donations target. --Hurtstotouchfire 18:09, 24 June 2011 (UTC)

E6 checklist

  • Large tub, translucent plastic preferred (think we have this)
  • E6 chems (thanks Eric!)
  • temp controller (see shopping list below)
  • chem bottles, 1 qt x6 (see shopping list below)
  • plastic reels, 35mm & 120 (ours are convertible)
  • film tanks (check!)
  • timer (check!)
  • Darkroom (check!)

Most of this stuff is on the Darkroom resources page.

Kelly's Shopping list

Total: $102.71


  • Kelly - $20
    • Subtotal: $80.71
  • Rubin - $80.71
    • Subtotal: $0

We have enough monies! Kelly is ordering stuff.


Development queue

When we get this all together and actually mix up the chems, we will want to try to use them up within a week or so. Given this, it's good if we have a little backlog of slide film ready to develop before we mix up the chems. If you have slide film you've shot (or can commit to shoot soon, add a date) you can add yourself to the development queue here. (I understand the batch should be good for ~15-20 rolls? Jas can probably comment. --Hurtstotouchfire 17:58, 24 June 2011 (UTC))

Donating film

If you'd like to donate some slide film or $$ towards slide film that may be helpful for people who don't already have a backlog of E6 film to develop.

E6 examples and recommendations

If you're just looking for advice on what film to get, you can check out what other people have been shooting, above. Unfortunately slide film is a bit more expensive than color negative film, running about $8/roll for 36 exposures on 35mm. It's lovely though. I know that Joachim and Jas can probably provide more examples (links, guys?), but my flickr feed has a few shots which were E6 processed slide film. --Hurtstotouchfire 17:58, 24 June 2011 (UTC)