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Darkroom Meeting October 20th, 2009[edit]

  • Moderator:
  • Note taker:


Making the darkroom dark[edit]

  • Review of the plan listed on the wiki, get folks to take ownership, order of when things to do, set hard dates.
  • current plan is to use blackout curtains, and build in a fan which will vent out into greater 2169 for now, and then we hope someone can help us pipe it somewhere.


  • Mitch and Jeffrey are willing to help with our money matters.

Equipment acquisition and organization[edit]

Digital printer[edit]

  • there's been talk of this digital printer, which I suspect will be settled in the standard do-ocratic (or not-do-ocratic) manner, but which may merit some meatspace discussion.

Film scanner[edit]

  • Several poorer photographers have been lusting after a film scanner. We've found some options in the $400-600 range. We'll also likely cast about for donations. I think that a flatbed scanner in good shape that works with something other than Windows would be


Color printing![edit]

  • We have a color enlarger, but can't actually print color without print development equipment. In theory we can do this is baths like BW printing, but I think it's pretty finicky. I'll post this in a separate thread on the list.

Darkroom items and floor plan[edit]

  • Table and filing cabinet dimensions should get documented somewhere.
  • I would like to digitize the dorkroom floorplan and get that on the wiki, for posterity.

Other projects?[edit]

  • there's been talk of Xrays and pinhole cameras and polaroids and making our own film. Sometime soon I'd like to see some photography-themed workshops. Incidentally, is there a name for our group? I have been using Darkroom crew, Dorkroom crew, and Darkbridge interchangeably (in the latter case, "greater 2169" is referred to as "Noiseroom").
  • Classes

Next meeting?[edit]

  • When should we have our next meeting?


  • Our current focus/goal is to build out a darkroom that will primarily focus on black and white development and processing. Additionally we want to start featuring classes in regards to black and white along side some digital stuff. Eventually we would like to go towards color development and different techniques but right now we want to keep a single focus.
  • We reviewed all of the current tasks needed to make the darkroom function and have assigned people to each task.
  • Jeffrey will be able to handle our moneys in about a month.
  • We're looking towards keeping items such as general darkroom equipment and chemicals as Noisebridge donated items. Future purchases of consumables (such as film and paper) and more delicate equipment (film scanner), we're looking to keep those as member items (kept on a member shelf). Consumables will be handled like the current drink selling is setup at Noisebridge. Member shelve items will be available for use by others after member/guest is educated on use, etc.
  • Note on door to ask members and guests new to the darkroom to contact an email alias (darkroom-group@noisebridge.net ?) about proper use and handling of equipment and also how to use the space without destroying other people's work.
  • No lock on door, but a lack on the back side, plus a exterior "safe" light.
  • Joachim and Rubin may buy a digital scanner to keep in the space some time in the next couple of months.
  • Miloh's printer might work, more details soon.
  • Keep eyes open for color printing equipment.
  • Kelly is going to work on a darkroom layout.
  • Let's have classes!
  • Next meeting on Tuesday October 27th, 7pm. Status update on where we're at with the darkroom.