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Place holder for the May 2012 meeting

This is a meeting and general get together for anyone involved in or interested getting involved with the darkroom at Noisebridge. If you would like to possibly shape how the darkroom functions, want to come and meet up with folks also using the space, or want to use the space in the future, you're encouraged to come.

Agenda items

Note: These are potential agenda items, add your own!

  • Names, introductions, personal projects
  • Mailing list, Google calendar, get on that!
  • General goals of the darkroom, update Darkroom page
  • Discussion and agreeance about guidelines of the darkroom, updating Darkroom page
    • Personal items and projects being kept in the darkroom
    • Donated items versus personal items
  • Current state of the darkroom, what's broken
  • Improvements to the space, what can be fixed, who would like to tackle those tasks?
  • Classes, we should host some
  • Moar photographs on the walls of Noisebridge!
  • Group projects
  • Review of darkroom for new faces

Action items

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