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[[File:20130430_goldenGateBeach.jpg|thumb|right|200px|it works! : )]]
==Does it work==
==Does it work==
So far so good using Windows 7 (x64)
So far so good using Windows 7 (x64) - Although it appears I'm having sharpness issues.  It could be me though.  More testing needed.
==What does it scan==
==What does it scan==

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it works! : )


[edit] Does it work

So far so good using Windows 7 (x64) - Although it appears I'm having sharpness issues. It could be me though. More testing needed.

[edit] What does it scan

35mm film loader will scan 12 frames per batch!

[edit] Where does it live

In a brown paper bag (with my face)

[edit] What belongs to the scanner

  • Scanner!
  • AC/DC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Film Guides: 35mm (negative/positive), 35mm (negative/positive mounted slides (may be missing enclosure)), & 120 roll film strip

[edit] Loaders

Loaders are black and straight forward to use(compared to HP - which I tried, but to no avail). Also, I used the CanoScan Toolbox software too (link below). NOTE: Don't forget to take off the white protective plate located on the underside of the scanner bed top (door?) - It won't work without this piece out!!

[edit] Manual


[edit] Drivers

Driver and CanoScan Toolbox: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/scanners/canoscan_series/canoscan_8600f

It appears there are Linux drivers as well, however they have not been tested.

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